Mind-Controled Robot Amazing Real-World Avatar

Thought-Controlled “Avatar” Robot Invented For Virtual Embodiment

Scientists from the international Virtual Embodiment and Robotic Re-embodiment project managed to enable a person to control a robot located thousands of miles away through sheer power of thought.
That being said, ladies and gentlemen, you should know that we are one step closer to turning the Avatar movie into a reality! How is this possible you ask? How soon can we use only our mind to control robots? Let’s find out together.

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Extraordinary Cases Of People Who Survived Deadly Fires

Extraordinary People Left Looking Like Monsters After Deadly Fires

Let’s have a look at the stories of some amazing cases, surviving victims of fires. Surviving a fire is hard, but looking like a monster from the burns and living with them for the rest of your life is really worse. Let’s check out together, the stories of some of the most impressive cases of people, who amazingly survived fires, and who shouldn’t be alive right now, if some sort of miracle hadn’t kept them alive.

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Amazing Spinning Catherine Wheel UFO in Jordan And Israel

UFO Or Military Device? Shocking Lights Over The Sky of Israel, Turkey and Jordan

Have a look at an amazing video of a spinning “Catherine Wheel”-like UFO or strange phenomenon on the sky of Jordan And Israel. Thousands of people have witnessed the amazing “UFO” while it performed what seemed to be similar to a Catherine Wheel, but what was it for real? Was this an alien spaceship or a military top secret experiment that went bad? Let’s look at the pictures and video, and see what it was.

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Masters of Disguise – Camouflaged Animals

Masters of Disguise – Most Amazing Camouflaged Animals And Insects

Blending in… some animals are masters of camouflage, and not just animals, insects too. Surely there was a moment your life when you wished you could disguise yourself so good, that no one could recognize you, and you’d be able to spy on people, or just get out of a very awkward situation…
Well, the animal kingdom is so amazing and it never ceases to surprise us. Let’s have a look at some of the best camouflaged animals and insects in the world, prepare to be amazed!

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World’s Fattest Man In 2012 – Keith Martin

The New Record for The Fattest Man In The World Is at 812 Pounds

We all like to indulge ourselves in a few edible treats now and then, but some people take it to the extreme! Let’s have a look at the world’s fattest man in 2012, but also a top of some of the fattest people in the world, who held the record before Keith Martin came to tip the scales.
Right now, the world’s fattest man is named Keith Martin and he weighs 812 pounds (58-stone). How did he go from being a normal, thin person to the fattest man in the world? Let’s find out.

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Robotic Exoskeleton Muscle Suit Will Make Us Superhumans

Amazing Robotic Suit To Help Us Lift Heavy Objects And Other Exoskeletons

Well isn’t this amazing… Japanese scientists have invented a muscle suit which will give us all the superpower to lift heavy objects and assist us in other movements. Does it sound a little bit on the sci-fi side? Well, it just so happens that we’re closer to the future than we thought.

The idea of robot-aided lifting devices has seemed appealing even back in the 1960s, but today’s technology made it possible for us to hope that pretty soon, we won’t have to complain that something is too hard for just one person to lift, all we’ll have to do is put on our exoskeleton and be amazed at how easy everything will seem.

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Amazing Things You Can Control With Your Mind

Amazing: You Can Control Robots With Your Mind

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to control objects with your mind? Well, now it’s possible, this amazing capability has been developed with the aid of Brain–computer interfaces, or as some like to call them, mind machines.
Practically, you can control objects as far as 100 kilometers away, and what’s even more amazing is that scientist have developed a new brain – muscle implant which allows paralyzed limbs to move. Sounds pretty incredible, right? Well let’s have a look and see these interesting inventions which may soon cure paralysis.

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Micro Empire – Terrifying Microorganisms Living in A Single Drop Of Water

A Single Drop Of Water Hides An Empire of Tiny Creatures At War

Water is amazing! A drop of water can hide a lot of secrets, despite its small size. With the aid of a high-tech camera and a microscope, multimedia art graduate, Clemens Wirth was able to film in high resolution what goes on in a small drop of water. The result was amazing and gruesome at the same time… he captured a multitude of tiny microorganisms fighting a war for supremacy in their small universe.

The photographer titled his video Micro Empire and with it, he showed the world one of the secrets of water. But this important element in our live has even more secrets: not only does water have memory, but it’s also able to respond to emotions and music. Let’s have a look at water’s secrets.

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Man Gets A New Face Through Amazing Transplant

Richard Norris Gets Full Face Transplant

You most certainly had a time when you wished you had a new face, well Richard Norris, a 37 year old man got a new face through a complicated transplant which took the team of surgeons 36 hours to complete. Due to an unfortunate gun accident, Norris lost all of his face, and since then he had lived under a mask for 15 years, until the amazing surgery that gave him his life back.

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Brazilian Wandering Spider – The Most Poisonous In The World

The Most Venomous Spider On Earth: Phoneutria (The Wandering Brazilian)

He’s big, ugly and more importantly, he’s the most poisonous spider in the world… The Brazilian wandering spider, scientifically known as Phoneutria, is officially the most venomous spider in the world. The Brazilian Wanderer even received certification for its deadliness, as it’s listed in the Guinness World Records 2012 as the most poisonous spider in the world.
This wicked critter can have a leg span of up to 13–15 cm (4–5 inches) and its body varies from 17 to 48 mm. The spider is highly dangerous and well known for its aggressively and every encounter with it may lead to death.

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