Intellipaper – Wireless Paper-based USB

Paper-based USB Intellipaper – Wireless, Disposable USB drives

intellipaper 2

Intellipaper is an awesome new disposable USB drive which is literslly made out of paper, and you can dispose of it after usage. Intellipaper is made out of a small silicon chip which is embedded on paper. Pretty cool, wouldn’t you agree? Find out more about this amazing Wireless Paper-based USB right here.

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Awesome Bike Riding Dog

Norman – The Awesome Bike-Riding Dog

Norman bike riding dog 5

Norman is an awesome sheep dog that can ride a bike, a scooter, a skateboard and last but not least… a surfboard! You may think that sheep dogs are just good a herding sheep, but there’s no rule saying that he can’t herd his sheep while riding a bicycle or other such “vehicles”. Check out the awesome Norman, the dog who can ride a bicycle right here.

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Awesome Robotic Spider Is Able to Weave A Web Of Yarn

A Robot Spider Weaves an Intricate Web Of Yarn – See it In Action

Weaving is no longer a thing for the ladies or for the eight-legged insects, a new weaver is in town and it’s a robot! Yes, that’s right, MIT inventors have managed to invent an awesome robotic spider which can weave an intricate web without benefiting of any human assistance.
The robot was able to meticulously weave a web of yarn around itself, in a way which would make any real life spider jealous. How did the cool robotic spider manage to be so precise? Let’s find out.

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Awesome Smartest Parrots In The World

Meet Some Of The Smartest Parrots In The World – They’re Awesome!

Generally, when we call someone a bird brain, we do it to kind of insult them, but here are some of the world’s smartest parrots who will amaze you, and even make you think twice before you use their names to compare someone’s intelligence to that of a bird. Alex for example is the smartest bird in the world, he has the wits of a 5 year-old child, and for a bird-brain, that’s pretty amazing! He can count objects, tell textures apart and let’s not forget his astonishing capacity to reproduce all sorts of sounds. What more can the world’s smartest parrots do? Let’s have a look.

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Japanese Light Suit Dance – Tron Inspired Choreography

Light Suit Dance Rutine Inspired By “Tron” Movie

Tron fans, on your mark! A Japanese dance group named Wrecking Crew Orchestra have put together a mind blowing dance routine, which involves some really cool light suits. The awesome five minute long choreography simply makes everyone stop and stare. In case you were wondering what the lovely citizens of the Grid do for fun, have a look at this impressive clip, and you might feel like you’ve crossed over to the imaginary world of Tron. Enjoy your stay!

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73 Year Old Man Discovered The Fountain Of Youth?

Dr. Jeffrey Life Looks Like He’s 20 Years Old… But He’s 73.Is this the fountain of Youth?

Meet the man who’s working on a recipe for never ending youth. Dr. Jeffrey Life may look old from the neck up, but from the neck down, he has the body of a 20 year-old. what’s he’s secret? No, it’s not photoshoped, the pictures of him are actually real, this old timer actually has the six pack any youngster wants in order to impress girls.
So how could this man go from being a regular elderly to a model for fountain of youth campaigns? His recipe is simple, but it involves a lot of hard work and dedication, just like everything else in life. If you’re really passionate about something, you will succeed, even if your goal is being forever young.

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Speech-jamming Gun Making People Stop Talking!

Annoying Conversations? This amazing new Speech-jamming Gun Makes People Shut Up!

Have you ever wished you had a mute button in real life so you can make people stop talking? Well it’s finally here! A team of Japanese researchers have invented a Speech-jamming Gun which makes people stop talking, thus allowing you to put an end to the nonsense rambling of others. This hand held gun offers you the possibility to stop people from talking, if they are within a range of 100 feet of you.

If you were wishing for a mute button for your mother-in-law or, dare we even say, for your girlfriend, your prayers have been answered! Humanity now has its very own speech-jamming device which simply makes people stop talking. Pretty neat huh?

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