Mexican Turned Into Red Skull After Extreme Plastic Surgeries

A 37-years-old Mexican turned into a an incredibly scary real life Red Skull after extreme plastic surgeries! His red skull is real, after numerous plastic surgeries. He spent over £30,000 in order to become the evil Nazi villain Red Skull, from the Marvel comics. This guy is as mad as a hatter!

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18 Year-Old Woman Fatally Bitten By Shark In Brazil 2013

Brazilian Woman Fatally Bitten By Shark Just Moments Before Being Saved From Drowning

Bruna Gobbi attaked by shark 1

The extremely horrific images and video show Bruna Gobbi, a drowning 18-year-old teenager, being fatally bitten by a bull-shark, only moments before being rescued by a team of lifeguards on a ski jet. The video of the attack is very graphic, and you can see it right here.

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Toddler Survives Pencil Through Her Brain

2-Year-Old Girl Survives Pencil Going Through Her Eye and Brain

pencil through brain girl 1

Olivia Smith, a two year old toddler is very lucky to survive an extreme accident. A pencil went through her eye socket straight inside her brain! The 19-month girl had a pencil logged in her head, and she escaped without any damage at all. Find out how the pencil got in her brain, and the rest of Olivia’s story right here.

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Felix Baumgartner Highest Sky Dive Breaking Sound Barrier

Austrian Daredevil Felix Baumgartner Broke The Sound Barrier. Highest sky dive ever Breaking Sound Barrier

Amazing jump! That about sums daredevil Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking jump, which broke the sound barrier and wowed everyone. Not only was his speed so big, that he exceeded the speed of sound, but he also broke the record for the highest sky-dive ever! The Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner made the astonishing jump from a capsule that rose 24 miles (39 kilometers) above the Earth surface. What record-breaking speed did he reach, and how did his adventure end? Let’s find out!

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Most Extreme And Shocking Advertising

Most Shocking And Extreme Advertising


Check out some of the most shocking or extreme advertising methods which you know for sure that they’ll have the big impact on the audience, just like their creators originally intended. Advertising is a very competitive area, and nowadays, when the competition is so huge, that every advertising company wants to have the extra edge which will determine the consumer, aka you and us, to use their product, so they come up with shocking and extreme ads… see the best of them here.

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Fattest Kids In the World

World’s fattest Kids

Check out the stories of some of the fattest children in the world. In this day and age, the community is getting fatter and fatter by the day, and we even see morbid obesity in children. Some kids got so overweight that they weigh more than a normal adult. Let’s find out together just how big some of the world’s fattest kids are.

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