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Best Of the Outstanding Pole Battles

Oona Kivela 1

Oona Kivela & Grazzy Brugner made art out of pole dancing and won numerous awards including the International Pole Championship. This type of dancing can be turned into an art, and as you will see in the videos and pictures we have, their dancing is amazing. Check them out right here.

Oona Kivela 3

Oona Kivela is a former gymnast from Finland who fell in love with the pole three years ago while visiting New York. She has a personal trainer named Marko Keränen with whom she practices once a week, but that’s not all. Oona also trains daily in order to reach perfection in her moves and make a perfect show.

Oona Kivela 6

Oona’s daily training includes Gymnastics element combined with ballet, parkour and pilates. In Oona’s point of view, the best part about pole dancing is the flow of it.

See Oona perform in the video below. Her moves are absolutely amazing!

Now, once you’ve seen how perfect Oona is in her moves, meet Grazzy Brugner, another spectacular dancer:

Grazzy Brugner 1

Well, you must be wondering why we introduced these two stunning dancers separately… well, cause the two decided to have a dance-off. Or better said, an outstanding pole battle. the result was amazing. See what happened when the two fought in their own area of expertise in the video below:

Oona Kivela 5

Now, as you might know, pole dancing is not easy! and in order to let everyone know you’re the best, annual competitions are held in which you can compete. See some of the finals of pole art fitness competitions below:

Allegra King – WINNER – International Pole Battle 2011/12 – Canada

2012 US Pole Dance Champion – Michelle Stanek

US Pole Dance Championships 2012 – Natasha Wang

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