Worst Prison Escape: Prisoner Got Stuck In the Wall

Worst Prison Escapes: Prisoner Gets Stuck In the Wall And Other Escape Fails

Escaping prison can be funny! Especially if the prisoner gets stuck in the hole he dug in the wall, just like Rafael Valadao did while trying to escape from a prison in Brazil. The chubby prisoner started screaming for help when he noticed that his barrel-chest refused to fit through the escape hole.
How did this all end? Let’s find out together.

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Lucky People Escaping Stupid Accidents

Really Lucky People Escaping From Stupid Accidents

Some people are lucky enough to make it out alive out of the stupidest accidents! You will see some amazing cases of people cheating death by just a couple of inches! They say that we all make our own luck, well the people you are about to see are probably experts at making their own luck because by all odds, they should be dead by now. Luckily, they managed to survive from horrible accidents which could’ve ended tragically. Have a look and see their stories.

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Worst Plastic Surgeries: Celebs & Regular People

The Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Care to see the worst celebrity plastic surgeries? How about really bad plastic surgery don on regular people? Well, here’s the place where you can check them out. When it comes to beauty, it’s kinda hard to find something all natural, cause anyone goes under the knife for a little nip and tuck…Some, turn out great, but others, come out looking freaky, and all that because they just wouldn’t settle for natural beauty. See pictures of the disastrous results and be careful what you wish for the next time you look at yourself in the mirror, and don’t like what you see.

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Best Extreme Fails Of 2012

Have A Look At Some Of The Stupidest Fails Caught On Tape In 2012

Extreme fails… that’s what happens when you mix courage with dose of stupidity, and sometimes, with alcohol! People are capable of doing really amazing accomplishments, but they are also able to do incredibly stupid things as well.
Some get the guts to try extreme stunts after drinking a shot or two, unfortunately, alcohol doesn’t help on the coordination skills. We’ll have a look at some of the best extreme fails of 2012 and laugh about them, but remember… Do not try this at home!

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Crazy Motorbike Riders – Extreme Motorcycling

The Most Amazing Extreme Motorcycle Riders You’ve Ever Seen

Adrenalin rush? These crazy guys know the feeling! Some people just don’t know where to draw the line when it comes to riding their motorcycles, and end up doing crazy things (like standing up and texting ) just to impress other people.
What’s even worse, is the fact that they do it in day-to-day traffic which endangers not only their life, but also the life of innocent by-standers. Here’s a collection of the most extreme motorbike riding, needles to say, do not try this at home.

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Unbelievably Stupid SWAT Fail

Unbelievably Stupid SWAT Fail

Believe it or not, Romania does have her own SWAT team, but having such a team doesn’t automatically mean it’s a skillful well trained organization. No sir, this “special” SWAT team doesn’t really prove it can handle high risk situations, on the contrary, it shows it can perform just fine in the Special Olympics.

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A surgical Forceps Forgotten for Six Months it pierces the Belly!

A surgical Forceps Forgotten for Six Months it pierces the Belly!

Anne complained last six months of abdominal pain after an operation on Friday evening, the 31-year-Lyonnaise includes a surgical clip has been forgotten in his stomach, seeing the tip of the instrument to pierce her navel.

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Best Motorsport Crashes of 2010

Best Motorsport Crashes of 2010

Inevitably, you can’t have motorsports without accidents and 2010 was a pretty eventful year in this area. Motors TV has compiled two clips with scary incidents from a variety of motorsports, ranging from motorcross to speedboat racing. Hit the jump to watch the videos.

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