Man with the most wives in the world (in 2016)

Who is the man with the most wives in the world, in 2016? A Nigerian Man who currently Has 97 Wives! Really. And 165 Children.
Mohammed Bello Abubakar is famous because he had, during his 87 years old life, over 100 wives! 107 in total, but divorced 10 times. He literally says he wants to marry more! Good job, grandpa!

A family pic, anyone?

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Luckiest People

Interesting Stories Of the Luckiest People

Check out the stories of some of the luckiest people on the planet! Some have been struck by lightening more than once and made it out alive to tell the story, others fell from amazing heights, walking out with only a few simple scratches and bruises…
When it comes to luck, you just don’t know what’s gonna happen next. Let’s check out together just how lucky some people are, and on the other side, how very unlucky others are.

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How to Cure a Hangover? The Scientific Hangover Cure!

Cure A Hangover – Scientifically proved solutions!

Experiencing a hangover cause you had a little to much alcohol last night? Don’t worry, we have the scientific cure for it! Surely, you know from different sources a trick or two to help you through the harsh times of a hangover, but if you follow our tips and solutions, you will most definitely have less problems with recovering after a night out with your friends. So… Let’s see what the wonder cure is about.

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Nissan Lends Amazing “Self-Healing” Paint To iPhone Cases

Nissan Lends Amazing “Self-Healing” Paint To iPhone Cases

Have you ever resented the fact that sometimes you’re an incurable butterfingers?
This can be especially annoying when you drop your brand new, state-of-the-art iPhone, right? And in that moment when you see the phone dropping to the floor, and you know there’s nothing you can do to stop it, don’t you just with you either had superpowers and you could freeze time, or better yet, don’t you wish they just made the phones more resistant to scratches and such “injuries”?

Well the answer to your prayers has now arrived in the form of a special, amazing self-healing paint.
Nissan, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, have managed to develop a type of paint that expands when scratched, and in just 30 minutes after the scratch was made, it will be completely gone, due to the fact that the paint filled it in. For more severe “injuries”, the process may take longer, but eventually, the results are amazing!

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Awesome Interesting Facts You Had No Idea About

Awesome Interesting Facts You Had No Idea About

Did you know that in Tibet, I’s considered good manners to stick your tongue out at someone? Or that Pocahontas appeared on the $20 bill back in 1875? These are just some of the most interesting facts we found and collected for you. Some are awesome, others are funny, but the next time someone asks you if you know what’s Barbie’s full name, you’ll be able to answer them that the legendary doll’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Have a look, and learn some more facts you were not aware of… until now.

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5 False Myths Which Most People Believe Are Real

5 False Myths Which Most People Believe Are Real

How sure are you that the Great Wall Of China is visible from space? If your answer is pretty sure, think again, you wouldn’t want to make a bet and lose it based on that assumption. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 myths which you’ve heard off, and you could almost swear that they’re real, when in fact they’re just legends. Do you know what would happen if you throw a coin off the Empire State building? Well let’s find out!

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Fastest Cars In The World

Fastest Cars In The World – How much do you think they cost?

The age we live in is all about speed and technology, and what better way to combine the two, if not in a luxurious car? If you’re always running late, and you feel like there’s no possible way you can get to your appointment on time, then one of these three amazing “monsters” is the car for you. Specialists have put together a list of the top 5 fastest cars in the world… We may not have a teleporting machine yet, but these vehicles are the next best thing. The top was based solely on the speed criteria, how fast do you think it takes these cars to get from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour? Have a look and be amazed.

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Fun Facts And Trivia About Champagne

How Much Do You Know About Champagne?

Tick tock, tick tock new year’s eve is almost here and you might want to brush up on knowledge about the most important drink on the very important night when you leave behind all of the madness of the old year, and welcome a new, hopefully better one. We’re sure you all know that in order to be considered proper for the making of champagne, the grapes have to be grown in the region of Champagne, there’s actually a French law that stipulates that. But are you aware of the very important Henry law? This special principle is actually a law of physics which states that there is equilibrium between the CO2 inside the liquid and the gas which is found in the spaces of the cork. To help you understand better, we found a really interesting video to show you exactly what happens when you pop open a bottle of champagne.

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Amazing Talking Plate Warns You About Your Eating Habits

Amazing Talking Plate Warns You About Your Eating Habits

If you’re struggling to lose weight, but those midnight snacks just keep adding to the centimeters you were supposed to lose instead of gain, have no fear, scientists have invented a new, smart plate, which will tell you when you’re overdoing it, or what more you should ad to your meal. The doctors’ new weapon against obesity is called The Mandometer, and it’s able to monitor the amount of food leaving the plate, telling users who gobble: “Please eat more slowly!”. How expensive is this new technology? Well, its inventors estimated that one plate should cost around 1,500 pounds.

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Bosco Verticale – First Ever Vertical Forest

Bosco Verticale – First Ever Vertical Forest

Have you noticed how we keep cutting off trees and entire forests, and instead of planting more, all we do is plant cement? Well, finally a team of architects came up with a solution that blends forests with cement. How’s that possible you ask? Well, it’s actually pretty ingenious, instead of planting trees horizontally, they decided to plant them vertically. Bosco Verticale (or Vertical Forest) is a project for metropolitan reforestation, which means that they want to restore the balance which was once lost due to the severe deforestation, in order to create space for more buildings. Practically, the team intends to build an apartment building, and each floor will have balcony planted with trees that are able to respond to the city’s weather

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