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The UK’s Most Haunted Bingo Halls

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Bingo was once an industry in decline with venues across the world closing down because of poor attendance figures and declining revenue. Today, thanks to online bingo sites, the industry has experienced a boom and while it may not be as big of a draw as it once was in the live arena, a growing number of people are enjoying the game on the internet.

However, despite this recent growth in participation across Europe, there are still a number of abandoned bingo halls across the UK. Looking like scenes from an Alfred Hitchcock movie, these once bustling venues now sit desolate and dilapidated, but not empty if some people are to be believed.

Tales of spooky goings on are always fun and some of the UK’s finest ghost stories have come from the UK’s bingo halls. Whether real or fake, these stories have captured the imagination of bingo players and ghost hunters alike.

The UK’s Most Haunted Bingo Halls

The Sutton Spirits: Sutton Bingo Hall has long been connected with the legend of a grey ghost known as The Grey Man. Located in the Rosehill part of Sutton, the abandoned hall is a grade II listed building that was once a cinema and in 2011 it became the site of a séance by the Ghost Club. Getting permission from the bingo venue’s owner, the team of investigators used a crystal ball to tap into the spiritual energy of the place.

After a few hours of investigation, the team reported a series of inexplicable events, including lights flickering, doors slamming and noises. Looking into the history of the building, the team found that a man had reportedly committed suicide in the building back in 1965 and it is this grey figure who allegedly torments players while they play their favourite bingo games.

The Phantom Caller: One of the more interesting bingo-related ghost stories from the bingo world is the phantom caller of Huddersfield. Although the details are scant, the story goes that a lucky player’s luck instantly turned sour after they won the jackpot. After filling their card and calling their full house, the player reportedly dropped down dead in the middle of the game due to the shock of winning. Today, the player is said to continually walk the halls at night in search of their winnings.

The Invicta Tragedy: The final story of haunted bingo halls comes courtesy of the Invicta in Kent. The former bingo hall and cinema was used during the Second World War to house families during the most intense period of fighting. Unfortunately, the building suffered a bomb attack during the blitz and three children and two adults were killed.

Those deaths allegedly still reverberate in the hall today and since the 1970s a man in green has been spotted on numerous occasions lingering around the building. Quite what he’s looking for is unknown, but if it’s a game of bingo then he’s out of luck. Of course, he could always try and connect to the internet from the spirit world and play on some bingo sites. But we’re not sure how fast the connection would be in the afterlife!

Indian Baby Bursts Into Flames

Indian Baby Spontaneously Combusts


An Indian baby amazes the doctors as he spontaneously bursts into flames. While some doctors say he may be a victim of a paranormal phenomenon know as spontaneous combustion, others say that his condition is caused by the materials used in his home. What is the truth about the case? Let’s try and find out together.


Baby Born With Long Tail In China 2013

Chinese Woman Gives Birth To A Baby With A 3 Inch Tail

In 2013 a baby boy was born with a bizarre long tail hanging out of his lower back, and the weirdest thing is that it is still growing. As spooky and strange as that may sound, it is a real case and we’ve got the story right here. Have a look for yourself at the 2013 Chinese baby with a tail.


Most Bizarre Teeth Modifications

Most Bizarre Teeth Modifications

Teeth chiseling

People do the most bizarre modifications to their teeth in the name of beauty and fashion. Some blacken their teeth while others brutally chisel them and give them odd shapes. Let’s see some of the most bizarre teeth modifications right here.


Bizarre Zombie Dolls

Bean Shanine Creates The Most Bizarre Zombie Dolls

bean shanine zombie dolls 3

Bean Shanine, an eccentric artist from the United States makes the most bizarre zombie-vampire dolls. Her creations are truly frightful for any grown-up, but these reborn dolls, as Bean likes to call them, appear to have an enormous success. Check out the living-dead stories of these weird dolls and see more picture of these gruesome zombie dolls right here.


Top Haunted Forests Of The World

Top Most Haunted Forests Around The World

haunted-forest 1

Forests at night are spooky, but haunted forests are spooky both in daylight and nighttime! We have a top of the most haunted forests in the world and we’re sharing it with you. Few people have dared to venture into such places, and those who have and lived to tell the story were terrified of what they had seen. How important is the mythical part, and how much truth there is behind the world’s most haunted forests.


Zombie Fish – Headles, Gutless and Moving

A Zombie Fish With No Head And Intestines And Still Moving


Did anyone say zombie fish? A video of a moving headless and gutless fish has emerged from the dead… and it ain’t pretty. The sea may have been the source of all living things, but it would appear that it’s also the source of the living dead animals too. The decapitated fish seems to come to life on the ice, let’s find out the truth behind the mystery of the zombie fish right here.


20-Year-Old Infant – The Girl That Doens’t Age

20-Year-Old Girls That Never Ages And Is Still A Baby

Brooke Greenberg 7

Brooke Greenberg is a 20-year-old girl trapped inside of the body of an infant. She is a medical mystery for the doctors, and it would appear that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button may not be far off as we might think. Brooke weighs just 16 pounds (7 kilograms) and she has the mental capacity of a toddler. Find out why this 20 year-old girl hasn’t grown an inch since she was 4 years old right here.


Man With Hair Growing In His Eyeball

Iranian Man Has Hair Growing Out Of His Eyeball

Normal Eye

A 19-year-old man from Iran has a cyst with hair in his eyeball, and it’s not a sight “fur” sore eyes… The extremely rare condition does not permanently affect his vision, but it does impair it and gives him the feeling that a foreign object is in his eyes. What it the hairy cyst and how can i be solved? Find out right here.


10 Weirdest Christmas Traditions

10 of The World’s Weirdest Christmas Traditions

The pooping log

Check out 10 of the weirdest Christmas traditions from around the world. Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, and many countries have weird traditions. Care to know what those bizarre traditions are? Well, some in some countries, families leave out beer for Santa, instead of the regular milk & cookies, while other states are visited by Santa’s demonic evil twin, who’s named Krampus. Find out what he does, and many more interesting yet odd Christmas Traditions right here.


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