Strangest Babies Ever Born

Women Sometimes Give Birth To Strange Creatures Instead Of Babies

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Not all babies are born cute, let’s have a look at some of the strangest babes ever born! A baby is considered a blessing upon every family, but what if the woman gives birth to a not -so-normal child instead of the little bundle of joy she was expecting?
Sometime along the normal gestation period, mutations happen in the womb, and when the time of birth comes,  some  sort of mutant-baby is born causing sadness and reasons of worry for everyone involved. Let’s check out some of the weirdest and strangest babies which were born, viewer discretion is advised for the pictures and videos of this article.

1. Rat-like baby with a tail:

rat like baby Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

The most recent case of a strange baby is that of a woman who was pregnant for about 12 months. According to all medical reports, the 30-year-old mother had taken all o her pre-natal vitamins, she had gotten the best treatments from JFK SOS hospital staff, and even renowned midwives.
After 6 months of the pregnancy had passed, the so far unidentified woman, noticed some worrisome signs about her pregnancy which determined her to seek spiritual advise.

The local priestess advised the mother to go on a dry fasting period of 21 days, and the 30-year-old woman agreed. At the end of the fasting period, the woman felt relieved of the pains, but her pregnancy began to decrease in size… The medical staff kept her under observation, while her pregnancy prolonged from the normal 9 months, to 12, when she finally went into labor. After 9 hours of labor pains the woman gave birth to a strange baby, which she said personally described as “a hairless rat with a long tail”. Further details were not given, as to where the strange event happened, or any details about the mother, but this picture of the bizarre fetus was published. Sadly for the family, the baby passed away soon after birth.

Strange baby Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

2. Frog-like baby

frog like baby Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

Several cases of so called “frog-like” babies have been reported. One woman in the area of Ekiti State also in her 30s, who had already given birth to two children, was shocked when she saw that her pregnancy had surpassed the normal 9 months. In her 13th month, under strict medical supervision, she thought she was giving birth to twins, but instead, she gave delivered a bizarre baby who looked similar to a frog rather than a human child.

Frog like Baby Nepal 1 Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

The same incident was reported in Nepal. Both babies died soon after birth due to the fact that they came into this world with no brains. Their heads were open at the back, you could easily see inside their skull, and instead of brain matter, they reportedly had a strange sort of mucus. Apart from all of the mystery and superstitions behind these strange births, the poor families and children actually suffer from a tragic medical condition.
You’re probably wondering why these poor beings are so distorted… Well, the fact of the matter is that they suffer from a condition known as Anencephaly, it’s a rare condition which occurs when the cephalic region fails to close between the 23rd and 26th day of pregnancy, hence the absence of a major portion of the brain, skull, and scalp.

Nicholas Coke baby with no brain Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

Nicholas Coke a baby who survived one year after he was born with no brain.

Due to the severe condition, most babies do not make it after birth, or die soon after, but Nicholas Coke, a baby suffering from this rare condition did survive till his first, and second birthday. Have a look and see him in the video below:

Unfortunately Nicholas Coke died on December 31st 2012, at the age of 3. He was an amazing child, the “no brain” baby who fought for this life so much. Sad news icon sad Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

Read more about the life and death of  Nicholas Coke.

Below you can watch a video of a baby born with Anencephaly. It is truly saddening to watch it, personally, I do not agree with filming this tragic event. Your discretion is advised when watching the clip.

3. Babies With Harlequin Ichthyosis

Harlequin Ichthyosis Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

These babies are also known as Harlequin babies, and they suffer from a rare genetic disorder which causes the keratin layer of the skin to thicken and make the baby look like a tiger at birth. The babies have massive scales and a reddish color. With the skin being so hard, the baby’s every move causes skin ruptures, which serve as portals for bacteria.

Death usually occurs within a few days due to general infection, but there have been exceptions. Nusrit “Nelly” Shaheen is the oldest survivor, having been born in 1984 and she’s still alive.

Have a look at the videos below to see babies born with Harlequin Ichthyosis:

4. Baby girl born with 6 Limbs: Polymelia

Baby girl born with 6 Limbs Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

Polymelia is a congenital defect in which the affected baby is born with more limbs than usual. Several cases of babies with six legs have been reported. The most recent is a baby girl in Pakistan who was born with an extra 4 limbs. She was successfully operated and she now has 2 hands and 2 feet.

Baby girl born with 6 Limbs operated Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

Another girl suffering from the same condition waited till she was two years old for her operation. Have a look at her in the video below:

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  8. Godsyoungwoman says:

    Very saddened to see these conditions. But, I’m also sad that the jargon used in this article was so insensitive and offensive. I hope that more care will be taken for any other sensitive topics you choose to write on.

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  9. Ann says:

    U know what…I love to watch these things,But think about the suffer they have to stand!!!!!!!!!

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  10. No need to know. says:

    Did you really need to include the pictures or videos. You coudve had a link to a seperate website. I had trouble sleeping last night. I scare easily. Why do you hate me?

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  11. Erin says:

    The words they used in this site makes me want to vomit ..anything can happen to anyone you just got to take what god gives you and I consider all babies miracles and there’ all beautiful

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  12. WaVeInFoRm says:

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    Aylagh MacAnnadh, M.D. Reply:

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  13. crissa says:

    indeed, the language was a little bit harsh, calling a baby a ‘monster’ it is not acceptable.Please note that some articles are user submitted, and many articles include some content submitted by users (contributing with a few lines to the original article), and usually we like to keep it as real as possible, without editing it too much, meaning that we tend to leave their own words.
    We have moderated this article.Thank you for reporting it.

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  14. LadyWickah says:

    It pisses me off to no end and it breaks my heart to see these precious gifts being put on display, being mocked and ridiculed by morons. Aren’t these helpless infants suffering enough without this? Come on people, how would you like it if that was your baby being treated like that?

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    Aylagh MacAnnadh, M.D. Reply:

    @LadyWickah, God bless you for your beautiful heart! It takes someone kinda special to be able to look past Satans attempts to destroy Gods children & if not successfully get them to worship him and his domain (the earth at present as per the Bible).
    I’m sorry if I may have put my foot in it as your user name appears to indicate you are wiccan? I’m BanFhiosaiche (Ban Feo Say Ik) most commonly translated as Green Irish Witch although Gnostic means Believing and Agnostic non believing I’m not quite certain where wicca stands as it hasn’t been around that long & appears to worship the ancient Greek & Roman gods while at the same time claiming to be Celtic. Not really possible since during the time period in which Celtic tribes were pagan they did not share the same gods other than perhaps a sun god. Since Christianity was brought to Ireland in approximately 3 to 8 AD when it was brought with the Roman soldiers (& their families) to bring the Emperor Bronze which at that time could only be obtained in the UK. They were permitted to take their families because it was something like a 2 to 3 year walk. Many of them stayed and married into the local tribes creating those who we refer to today as “dark Irish”. Interesting to note it was only recently proven when archeologists unearthed an old garbage pit which contained artifacts dating back some 2000 years to Roman soldiers which included the tiniest little pair of Roman sandals you could ever want to see. Had to belong to a 3 or 4 year old child. There were also letters from Rome to the women who had gone with their husbands to Ireland & wanted to keep up with the gossip all be it 2 to 3 years out of date each direction!
    Ok, ya got me, I love history and get caught up in it. Thank you for sharing. It’s very clearly from the heart.
    Cad e mar ata tu,
    Aylagh MacAnnadh, M.D.

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  15. krista says:

    Its disgusting that these babies are called creepy, monsters, & other disgusting names. To whomever wrote this stuff, I hope you rot. How would you feel if your child was born with any of these conditions???? I can only pray that you dont even have children.

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  16. Me says:

    These are babies, not creatures.

    And that tail looks like a damn umbilical chord.

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