Strangest Babies Ever Born

5. Cyclopia: Babies with one eye

Cyclopia 1 Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

Cyclopia is also a congenital malformation that leads to a strange baby being born. The malformation leads to the total union of the two eyes in the mid forehead, hence resulting a cyclop baby. Babies suffering of the cyclop often die soon after birth due to even more malformations of the heart and neurological system.

Have a look below to see a video of a cyclop baby:

6. Diprosopus: babies with two faces:

Diprosopus baby Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

Image source

Diprosopus is also known as the two-faced baby malformation, or craniofacial duplication: meaning that a part of the face, or the entire face is duplicated. The malformation is extremely rare and it’s often associated with anencephaly, or if the brain is present, its structures may be duplicated as well.

Have a look at some pictures below, they are of Lali Singh, a baby girl born in 2008, and she is the only known living infant with complete facial duplication.

Lali Singh two faced baby 1 Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

Lali Singh two faced baby 2 Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

7. Craniopagus parasiticus: Two Headed Baby
two headed baby Strangest Babies Ever Born Pictures Seen on

Image source

Two headed babies have a parasitic head of an undeveloped twin, attached to their head. The condition is also very rare. Have a look at the videos below, which will show you the life of the most recent case

Our hearts go out to the families who experience such tragedies.  We wish them all the best and hope that they find comfort for their ordeal.

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  1. Godsyoungwoman says:

    Very saddened to see these conditions. But, I’m also sad that the jargon used in this article was so insensitive and offensive. I hope that more care will be taken for any other sensitive topics you choose to write on.

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  2. Ann says:

    U know what…I love to watch these things,But think about the suffer they have to stand!!!!!!!!!

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  3. No need to know. says:

    Did you really need to include the pictures or videos. You coudve had a link to a seperate website. I had trouble sleeping last night. I scare easily. Why do you hate me?

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  4. Erin says:

    The words they used in this site makes me want to vomit ..anything can happen to anyone you just got to take what god gives you and I consider all babies miracles and there’ all beautiful

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  5. WaVeInFoRm says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    Aylagh MacAnnadh, M.D. Reply:

    @WaVeInFoRm, Really makes me wonder what kind of brain damage YOU were born with. Not all birth defects show on the outside. Yours didn’t show until you opened your mouth. You might say you’ve a particularly nasty case of diarrhea of the mouth with constipation of the brain!
    That’s not good enough? How about:
    It is wise to remain silent and be thought a fool than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt!
    LIFE IS A GIFT! And as such is ALWAYS A GIFT FROM GOD! Only God can give life Satan can not as he is not God for all he wishes he were. Seems like he really got to you. We are spiritual beings and even when born healthy we only wear our “meat suit” (sorry if that’s a little graphic but as a physician it’s the best way I can describe what I feel when a patient dies. What is left is no longer the person I knew and treated for many years. When they returned to the loving God who created them they are given their eternal reward, eternal life with God our father and our brother Jesus Christ.
    God does NOT create mess-ups, he creates children which you seem to conveniently forgotten. What a sad little person you are.
    Aylagh MacAnnadh, M.D.

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  6. crissa says:

    indeed, the language was a little bit harsh, calling a baby a ‘monster’ it is not acceptable.Please note that some articles are user submitted, and many articles include some content submitted by users (contributing with a few lines to the original article), and usually we like to keep it as real as possible, without editing it too much, meaning that we tend to leave their own words.
    We have moderated this article.Thank you for reporting it.

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  7. LadyWickah says:

    It pisses me off to no end and it breaks my heart to see these precious gifts being put on display, being mocked and ridiculed by morons. Aren’t these helpless infants suffering enough without this? Come on people, how would you like it if that was your baby being treated like that?

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike this comment: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2


    Aylagh MacAnnadh, M.D. Reply:

    @LadyWickah, God bless you for your beautiful heart! It takes someone kinda special to be able to look past Satans attempts to destroy Gods children & if not successfully get them to worship him and his domain (the earth at present as per the Bible).
    I’m sorry if I may have put my foot in it as your user name appears to indicate you are wiccan? I’m BanFhiosaiche (Ban Feo Say Ik) most commonly translated as Green Irish Witch although Gnostic means Believing and Agnostic non believing I’m not quite certain where wicca stands as it hasn’t been around that long & appears to worship the ancient Greek & Roman gods while at the same time claiming to be Celtic. Not really possible since during the time period in which Celtic tribes were pagan they did not share the same gods other than perhaps a sun god. Since Christianity was brought to Ireland in approximately 3 to 8 AD when it was brought with the Roman soldiers (& their families) to bring the Emperor Bronze which at that time could only be obtained in the UK. They were permitted to take their families because it was something like a 2 to 3 year walk. Many of them stayed and married into the local tribes creating those who we refer to today as “dark Irish”. Interesting to note it was only recently proven when archeologists unearthed an old garbage pit which contained artifacts dating back some 2000 years to Roman soldiers which included the tiniest little pair of Roman sandals you could ever want to see. Had to belong to a 3 or 4 year old child. There were also letters from Rome to the women who had gone with their husbands to Ireland & wanted to keep up with the gossip all be it 2 to 3 years out of date each direction!
    Ok, ya got me, I love history and get caught up in it. Thank you for sharing. It’s very clearly from the heart.
    Cad e mar ata tu,
    Aylagh MacAnnadh, M.D.

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  8. krista says:

    Its disgusting that these babies are called creepy, monsters, & other disgusting names. To whomever wrote this stuff, I hope you rot. How would you feel if your child was born with any of these conditions???? I can only pray that you dont even have children.

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  9. Me says:

    These are babies, not creatures.

    And that tail looks like a damn umbilical chord.

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