Outstanding Pole Battles – Best Of

Best Of the Outstanding Pole Battles

Oona Kivela 1

Oona Kivela & Grazzy Brugner made art out of pole dancing and won numerous awards including the International Pole Championship. This type of dancing can be turned into an art, and as you will see in the videos and pictures we have, their dancing is amazing. Check them out right here.

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Top Amazing Stories About Rescue Animals

Amazing Stories About Rescue Animals

Rescue Animals

Guest post by Maria Kruk, an author for Species.com
A lot of people consider animals their friends and fellows; some prefer to treat them as a point of natural attraction and some use them as natural resources of food, fur or labor force. However, could you imagine that many mammals could be rescuers? There are many cases, when animals saved peoples’ lives or prevented a potential danger. Some of them cannot but amaze.

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Intellipaper – Wireless Paper-based USB

Paper-based USB Intellipaper – Wireless, Disposable USB drives

intellipaper 2

Intellipaper is an awesome new disposable USB drive which is literslly made out of paper, and you can dispose of it after usage. Intellipaper is made out of a small silicon chip which is embedded on paper. Pretty cool, wouldn’t you agree? Find out more about this amazing Wireless Paper-based USB right here.

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Circus Trainer Killed By Tiger In Mexico

Shocking Video Of a Tiger Killing His Trainer In A Mexican Circus


A tiger managed to kill his trainer during a performance at the Circo Suarez In Sonora, Mexico. The people in the crowd were shocked to see the terrifying event as the tiger was attacking his trainer. Find out what happened to the tiger and see the extremely shocking video of the attack right here.

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Awesome Bike Riding Dog

Norman – The Awesome Bike-Riding Dog

Norman bike riding dog 5

Norman is an awesome sheep dog that can ride a bike, a scooter, a skateboard and last but not least… a surfboard! You may think that sheep dogs are just good a herding sheep, but there’s no rule saying that he can’t herd his sheep while riding a bicycle or other such “vehicles”. Check out the awesome Norman, the dog who can ride a bicycle right here.

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Toddler Survives Pencil Through Her Brain

2-Year-Old Girl Survives Pencil Going Through Her Eye and Brain

pencil through brain girl 1

Olivia Smith, a two year old toddler is very lucky to survive an extreme accident. A pencil went through her eye socket straight inside her brain! The 19-month girl had a pencil logged in her head, and she escaped without any damage at all. Find out how the pencil got in her brain, and the rest of Olivia’s story right here.

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SkyCar – The Amazing Flying Car

Want a Flying Car? Try the Amazing SkyCar

Moller Skycar 1

Flying cars have been invented and they’re amazing. The Moller SkyCar M400 is a car which you can both drive and fly! Yes, you read that right, flying cars are no longer just a dream or an image in a science-fiction movie, it’s reality. Find out the details on the flying car and when you can expect to own one for yourself right here.

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Bizarre Zombie Dolls

Bean Shanine Creates The Most Bizarre Zombie Dolls

bean shanine zombie dolls 3

Bean Shanine, an eccentric artist from the United States makes the most bizarre zombie-vampire dolls. Her creations are truly frightful for any grown-up, but these reborn dolls, as Bean likes to call them, appear to have an enormous success. Check out the living-dead stories of these weird dolls and see more picture of these gruesome zombie dolls right here.

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Top Haunted Forests Of The World

Top Most Haunted Forests Around The World

haunted-forest 1

Forests at night are spooky, but haunted forests are spooky both in daylight and nighttime! We have a top of the most haunted forests in the world and we’re sharing it with you. Few people have dared to venture into such places, and those who have and lived to tell the story were terrified of what they had seen. How important is the mythical part, and how much truth there is behind the world’s most haunted forests.

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12 Natural Ice Wonders

Awesome Natural Ice Wonders

Blue River, Greenland 1

Ice and snow are awesome on their own, but some ice wonders manage to take your breath away! They are unique, awesome and amazing at the same time. We have put together a list of the 12 most wondrous natural ice wonders of the world. Join us in finding out what these ice wonders are.

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