Nickolas Coke – Baby With No Brain Dies At Age 3

Nickolas Coke No Brain Baby Dies At the Age of 3 Years

Sadly, Nickolas Coke died at the tender age of 3 after what doctors and the entire world call a miracle life! Nickolas Coke was born without a brain, a condition called anencephaly and despite the fact that, normally he should’ve died only hours after birth, he defied all odds and lived to be 3 years old. Find out his full story right here.

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Indian Child with 25 fingers

Indian Children Has 25 Fingers

Amazing! A 4 year old boy from India was born with the astonishing number of 25 fingers. Arpan Saxena from Bhopal, India was born with 25 fingers and toes due to a rare genetic disorder called Polydactyly.
His digits are also fused together on account of another disturbing genetic disorder known as Syndactyly. Find out more about this amazing case right here.

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Lucky People Escaping Stupid Accidents

Really Lucky People Escaping From Stupid Accidents

Some people are lucky enough to make it out alive out of the stupidest accidents! You will see some amazing cases of people cheating death by just a couple of inches! They say that we all make our own luck, well the people you are about to see are probably experts at making their own luck because by all odds, they should be dead by now. Luckily, they managed to survive from horrible accidents which could’ve ended tragically. Have a look and see their stories.

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World’s Thinnest House – Poland

The Thinnest House In The world In Warsaw, Poland

Have a look at the world’s thinnest house! If you’re claustrophobic this is most definitely not the spot for you. Polish architect Jakub Szczesny designed this incredibly thin house which is open for business and awaiting tenants. If you wanna check it out, you have to either go to Warsaw, Poland to see it live, or check out the world’s thinnest house right here.

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Giant Facial Tumor Eats Eye Socket

Giant Facial Tumor Destroys Woman’s Eye Socket

Savipat Kemkajit Chotpintu has a giant facial tumor that’s ate away her eye socket and is exposing her brain… now that would seem pretty creepy, and it is… The woman has lived with the huge tumor on her face for a long time, and she practically looks deformed, but help may be on the way. Let’s see what can be done to cure this woman of her giant tumor.

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Felix Baumgartner Highest Sky Dive Breaking Sound Barrier

Austrian Daredevil Felix Baumgartner Broke The Sound Barrier. Highest sky dive ever Breaking Sound Barrier

Amazing jump! That about sums daredevil Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking jump, which broke the sound barrier and wowed everyone. Not only was his speed so big, that he exceeded the speed of sound, but he also broke the record for the highest sky-dive ever! The Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner made the astonishing jump from a capsule that rose 24 miles (39 kilometers) above the Earth surface. What record-breaking speed did he reach, and how did his adventure end? Let’s find out!

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Man With No Face

Mohammad Latif Khatana – Man With No Face Finds Love

Mohammad Latif Khatana is also known as the man with no face due to a rare and terrible disease that caused huge lumps to form on his face, eventually obstructing his ability to see, and also, which made him look like a monster to the other people which consider themselves normal as far as appearance goes. See the story behind this strange man and his illness, and how he was able to find love, and start a family.

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The Best Magic Tricks of David Blaine

David Blaine’s Best Magic Tricks

David Blaine Has some amazing magic tricks up his sleeve! His most recent 2012 stunt is electrified! He managed to spend three days with electricity shooting straight at him… David Blaine levitated, made a girl’s teeth disappear, he did a whole lot of amazing tricks, and we have the best of them right here. Check them out.

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Most Extreme And Shocking Advertising

Most Shocking And Extreme Advertising


Check out some of the most shocking or extreme advertising methods which you know for sure that they’ll have the big impact on the audience, just like their creators originally intended. Advertising is a very competitive area, and nowadays, when the competition is so huge, that every advertising company wants to have the extra edge which will determine the consumer, aka you and us, to use their product, so they come up with shocking and extreme ads… see the best of them here.

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Unusual Uses Of Coca Cola

Coca Cola – Many Unusual Uses Of This Bevrage

Did you know that you can use Coca Cola for many purposes, not just as a drink? What can you do with Coca Cola? Yep, you read that right, there’s more than one use for a coke, in fact, it has a whole lot of other uses, like busting rust, cleaning clothes… heck, you can even heal yourself with a coke! Curious to see how to do all that? Let’s check out the many unusual uses of the famous Coca Cola.

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