Luckiest People

Interesting Stories Of the Luckiest People

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Check out the stories of some of the luckiest people on the planet! Some have been struck by lightening more than once and made it out alive to tell the story, others fell from amazing heights, walking out with only a few simple scratches and bruises…
When it comes to luck, you just don’t know what’s gonna happen next. Let’s check out together just how lucky some people are, and on the other side, how very unlucky others are.

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Amazing Real Robots

Amazing Real Life Robots

Amazing Real Robots Amazing Real Robots Pictures Seen on

Robots really are amazing considering the fact that until recently, they were looked as science-fiction material. Well, nowadays, robots are gaining more and more territory everyday, while scientists develop even more amazing robots to come to our aid in various tasks.
Modern technology has developed robots which will son be able to replace humans in day-to-day activities. Let’s check out some of me most amazing real robots up to date.

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Sleepwalking – Amazing Stories

Amazing Cases Of Sleepwalking

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Check out some shocking and amazing cases of people who sleepwalk. Sleeping plays a major role in our lives, and it affects both our mental and physical health. Normally, when you sit in your bed, you would expect to wake up in the same bed, more or less in the same position, but when you’re a sleep walker, the odds are you are most definitely not going to wake up where you fell asleep.
Sleep walking can be very dangerous… some people woke up in the middle of lakes while others walked off the window. Let’s check out some of the most amazing cases of sleepwalking.

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Most Amazing and Shocking Bullfights

See Shocking and Amazing Videos Of Bullfights

Most Amazing and Shocking Bullfights Most Amazing and Shocking Bullfights Pictures Seen on

Bullfights are always amazing and even shocking, but sometimes bullfights go wrong and instead of being the entertainment, the bull turns into terror and attacks the matador or, in the worst cases, even the spectators in the crowd. Let’s have a look at some at some of the most interesting turns of events in the famous, but somewhat horrific bullfights.

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Strangest Hobbies

Check Out Some Of The World’s Weirdest and Strangest Hobbies

 Largest Ball of Paint 1 Strangest Hobbies Pictures Seen on

Let’s check out the strangest hobbies in the world and see what weird things people collect or like doing. It’s not out of the ordinary to have a hobby, but if you start collecting your navel fluff in large jars… some may call that occupation weird!
Or what about if someone really likes to play dead? So lets all have a look at some of the strangest hobbies in the world. Enjoy!

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Huge 14 Pound Baby Born In Hungary 2012

Biggest baby in 2012! A Huge Baby Girl Born In Hungary Weighs 14 pounds

Huge 14 Pound Baby Born In Hungary 1 Huge 14 Pound Baby Born In Hungary 2012 Pictures Seen on

An amazingly huge bundle of joy was born in Hungary in the summer of 2012. The baby girl weighs 14 pounds and made headlines around the world with her impressive size. Surely, every child is a great reason of joy, but when the newborn is the size of a 5-month-old baby at birth, you can bet that the whole world will find out about it. Let’s check out the amazing story of a 14 pound newborn girl in Hungary.

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Biggest Python 17-foot Found in Florida Everglades

Biggest Python Snake in the World: 17-foot long found in Florida Everglades, which is the largest snake found in 2012

17 foot python everglades 4 Biggest Python 17 foot Found in Florida Everglades Pictures Seen on

The biggest python in the world is 17 foot long and was ready to lay 87 eggs. It was discovered in the Florida Everglades and if you are afraid of snakes, this discovery will make your Ophidiophobia even worse…
The largest snake of the python species is 17 foot and 7-inches long, is weighs 164 pounds and carried 87 eggs in its oviducts, that being a new state record! What happened to the monster? Let’s find out together.

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Conjoined Twins Cases: Abby & Brittany

Unbelievable Interesting Cases Of Conjoined Twins like Abby & Brittany

Conjoined Twins Abby Brittany 2 Conjoined Twins Cases: Abby & Brittany Pictures Seen on

Check out the amazing story of conjoined twins Abby and Brittany, and other rare cases of twins who share the same body. One in 40,000 twin births result in conjoined babies, and out of those births, barely one percent of them survive to the age of one… but meet Abigail and Brittany Hensel, two sisters who are fused together at the torso.
How do two totally different people live their lives sharing the same body? Let’s find out together.

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Woman With Teeth Growing In Her Eye

Incredible Weird Tumor: Woman with Teeth Growing In The Eye!

Viewer Discretion Is advised Woman With Teeth Growing In Her Eye Pictures Seen on

Check out the case of a woman who had teeth growing in one of her eyes, tumors which consist of body parts growing inside other parts of the body. Some medical cases are just plain weird, a 23 year old woman from India had teeth growing inside her her left eye and she never even knew it. Let’s discover the story of Nagabhushanam Siva and other interesting tumors and growths!

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Amazing Cloud Storms

Most Amazing and Interesting Clouds

amazing clouds 1 Amazing Cloud Storms Pictures Seen on

Some really amazing clouds make us all think the Apocalypse is coming, but they’re really just awesome natural phenomenons which make us remember that nature truly is amazing. Cloud formations often go unnoticed, we pass them by everyday without realizing how interesting they really are, but these clouds you will surely notice: we have mushroom clouds which will get you scared of nuclear bombs, and we also have clouds shaped like UFOs, and many, many more, so have a look at some of the most amazing and strangest cloud storms.

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