Woman With Teeth Growing In Her Eye

Incredible Weird Tumor: Woman with Teeth Growing In The Eye!

Check out the case of a woman who had teeth growing in one of her eyes, tumors which consist of body parts growing inside other parts of the body. Some medical cases are just plain weird, a 23 year old woman from India had teeth growing inside her her left eye and she never even knew it. Let’s discover the story of Nagabhushanam Siva and other interesting tumors and growths!

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Amazing Cloud Storms

Most Amazing and Interesting Clouds

Some really amazing clouds make us all think the Apocalypse is coming, but they’re really just awesome natural phenomenons which make us remember that nature truly is amazing. Cloud formations often go unnoticed, we pass them by everyday without realizing how interesting they really are, but these clouds you will surely notice: we have mushroom clouds which will get you scared of nuclear bombs, and we also have clouds shaped like UFOs, and many, many more, so have a look at some of the most amazing and strangest cloud storms.

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Bizzare Penis Snake Discovered in Brazil

Bizzare rare penis snake discovered in Brazil

New species of snake? Yes! A strange snake was found in Brazil and it resembles a  penis… The entire biologists world are amazed of the discovery. especially due to the fact that this rare and strange species was thought to be extinct.
Scientists discovered the weird animal on the bottom of Madeira River in Brazil, and its a rare species of amphibian called Atretochoana eiselti. Wanna find out more about it? Let’s discover together all the facts about this bizarre species of “snake” found in Brazil.

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Disfigured By Facial Tumors

Facial Tumors Making People Look Like Monsters

Read the amazing story of Li Hongfang, a woman disfigured by facial tumors, and others like her. Every illness is a drama for whoever bares it, but some diseases are simply terrible.
For example, facial tumors can disfigure the bone structure of the face and enlarge the head to extreme sizes. Let’s check out some of the most interesting cases of people who were disfigured by facial tumors.

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Extreme Cases Of Cops Killed Or Hurt On Duty

Extreme Cases Of Cops (Policeman) Killed Or Hurt On Duty

Policemen are out there to serve and protect us but they are not super heroes! They are can get hurt just like us, and unfortunately, they sometimes even die in the line of duty while helping others, or defending the law. Let’s watch some of the most amazing videos of brave officers getting killed or hurt on the job.

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How to Cure a Hangover? The Scientific Hangover Cure!

Cure A Hangover – Scientifically proved solutions!

Experiencing a hangover cause you had a little to much alcohol last night? Don’t worry, we have the scientific cure for it! Surely, you know from different sources a trick or two to help you through the harsh times of a hangover, but if you follow our tips and solutions, you will most definitely have less problems with recovering after a night out with your friends. So… Let’s see what the wonder cure is about.

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Mind-Controled Robot Amazing Real-World Avatar

Thought-Controlled “Avatar” Robot Invented For Virtual Embodiment

Scientists from the international Virtual Embodiment and Robotic Re-embodiment project managed to enable a person to control a robot located thousands of miles away through sheer power of thought.
That being said, ladies and gentlemen, you should know that we are one step closer to turning the Avatar movie into a reality! How is this possible you ask? How soon can we use only our mind to control robots? Let’s find out together.

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Amazing People Who Can’t Feel Pain

Some Amazing People Can’t Feel Any Pain at All

Let’s have a look at the amazing case of the girl who can’t feel pain, and others like her who suffer from congenital insensitivity to pain. Ever since they were born, these people have not been able to feel physical pain… they can have bleeding open wounds and never feel a thing, or they can even starve to death cause they’ll never have stomach pains, or any other pain at all. You may think that’s pretty cool, but it’s extremely dangerous and could lead to severe, life threatening problems! Let’s check out their stories.

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Gruesome Live Food (Eating Animals Alive!)

Gruesome Live Food (Eating Animals Alive!) and plates With Animals Alive. Would You Eat A Live Animal?

Let’s have a look at some really shocking and gruesome live food, as in animals which are served alive on your plate! Humans can be cruel, there’s no question about that! Out of amusement or curiosity, some people are willing to try live dishes, on which the cooks bring them moving animals before they take their final breath.
Would you be willing to order and eat such a dish? Let’s have a look at how these animals are prepared so that they can be served as food while they’re still alive.

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Fish With Human Teeth Found In Lake 2012

Fish With Human Teeth Found In Lake 2012 – and other photos of fishes with teeth captured in the past.

Another fish that has human teeth was found in june 2012, in Lake Lou Yaeger,  Litchfield, Illinois.

People are freaked of this dangerous amazing weird fish, which first was marked as a piranha, but when they caught it and looked at its teeth they were amazed: human like teeth!

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