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Skinniest Anorexic Woman in The World

Valeria Levitina anorexia 3

Valeria Levitina is the world’s skinniest anorexic woman. At the age of 39 she is considered by some a living mummy, due to the fact that she shockingly has just 25 kilograms. Basically, a fully grown woman has the weight of a 6-year-old child due to anorexia. If you’re curious to know what her story is, keep on reading.

Meet Valeria, a 39-year-old woman who looks like she could be 60 years old… Her entire body was ruined by a long battle with anorexia. The woman is 172 centimeters tall, but she is so skinny that she only weighs 25 kilos. How did she get in this state? The cruel truth is that she did it to herself.

Valeria Levitina anorexia 1

Back in 1989, Valeria’s parents decided to move their whole lives in the United States from Moscow. Valeria was very pretty when before she lost so much weight, and since she was so full of life and beauty, the girl decided to enter a beauty pageant in 1994 and pursue a modeling career. That was the beginning of the end for her… Valeria admitted that the “Miss Chicago” title was the trigger of her self-dependent starvation.

Valeria Levitina anorexia 2

When she was just 19 Valeria had already lost a lot of weight but still looked very feminine, at 23 Valeria was beginning to look slim and by the age of 24, Valeria Levitina weighed around 38 kilograms.

Valeria Levitina before anorexia 3

Valeria now lives alone in Monaco where she gets a lot of the much-needed sunshine her body requires. She can barely feel the taste of food, and going shopping is a terrible ordeal. She needs to know the exact amount of carbs, proteins and fats in the products she buys. Even though she no longer has an eating disorder, Valeria is still not able to gain weight.

Valeria Levitina anorexia 8

The poor girl barely has enough energy to study and do her daily chores. The entire eating disorder has its roots in the girl’s childhood, when her mother used to weigh her constantly and be worried about her weight. The mother was concerned about her daughter being fat, since many women in her family suffered from weight problems…

Valeria Levitina before anorexia 5

The saddest part about the whole situation is the fact that she lost weight to be more desirable for the ones around her, and all of her weight loss only brought Valeria loneliness and sadness.

Valeria Levitina before anorexia

What’s even more sad, is the fact that Valeria gets hundreds of emails from girls in their 20s who say that they want to be just like her, and that she is a source of inspiration for them. In order to make everyone aware of the fact that it is WRONG to starve yourself to death, Valeria agreed to have her destroyed body be photographed.

See the before and after anorexia pictures of the skinniest woman alive on page two, along with some videos of Valeria on page 2.

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  1. shay says:

    God dammit shes shockingly skinny . Well she did that to herself so she deserves that , feel so sorry ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•


  2. Idang says:

    This is such a moving post…and I relaly had no idea Heather. It is so brave of you to come out about your issues with this and it shows your strength. I understand completely though, your reasons for eating healthy now, for not ‘not-eating’ now. My son does the same for me. I’ve told him time and again over the years that he is and will always be my guiding light, giving me the strength to do all that I never thought I could. I have overcome so much, fought battles that I can’t imagine I made it through and I honestly owe it all to him, for without him, I’m not sure I could have come up with reason enough to keep fighting. As you know from posts you’ve commented on over at S&D, I’ve always been naturally thin. I consider myself so lucky that I’ve always seen myself as my image in the mirror actually portrays. If I saw myself as bigger, I could easily fall into the same trap and I feel I would succumb quite quickly. My heart goes out to you for your struggle. I know it can be hard sometimes, but your attitude about it shows that you have what it takes to continue to overcome it all. If it’s any consolation at all, you are absolutely beautiful and even in your most recent picture, you are thin to the point that there are so many out there who would wish to be in your shoes (or your pants size for that matter). Here for TFCT.


  3. the clarence twins says:

    this is seriously disgusting! she really needs help!! this looks nasty even my classmates ran away!


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