Alien Ship Found in Antartica

A Russian UFOs hunter claims he found an ancient alien ship in Antartica ,May 2017, and is determined to prove it! Will he?  Check it out.

Aliens, UFOs, alien spaceships, abductions, mystery, and secrets! Neither you believe nor you deny! Is there anything else beyond our simple existence or everything is invented in order to mass control the population? I guess we’ll find out at some point!

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Scientists Give Rats The Sixth Sense

Scientists Gave Rats The Sense To Feel Infrared Light


Scientists claim that they have discovered an amazing sixth sense. They gave rats the ability to sense infrared light, and they even say that this sense is close to telepathy. Thanks to the innovative research, the lab rats in the experiment can now supposedly sense light without the sense of sight. Wanna find out more about this amazing break-through, check out the details right here.

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Top Amazing Stories About Rescue Animals

Amazing Stories About Rescue Animals

Rescue Animals

Guest post by Maria Kruk, an author for
A lot of people consider animals their friends and fellows; some prefer to treat them as a point of natural attraction and some use them as natural resources of food, fur or labor force. However, could you imagine that many mammals could be rescuers? There are many cases, when animals saved peoples’ lives or prevented a potential danger. Some of them cannot but amaze.

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Giant Squid Caught on Tape Alive

Live Giant Squid Caught on Tape

Giant Squid Caught on Tape 6

Amazing giant squids are real and we have a live one on tape! The mystery had been elusive for hundreds of years, until now, when a team of researchers practically stalked the deep seas to capture a few moments with this giant monster on tape. How big is it? Where was it filmed? Find out right here!

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