Horror Locust Invasion In Russia

Is it the end of the world, a plague… or just a swarm of locusts invading Russia? Check out photos and videos with the horror locust invasion in Russia that took place in July 2017.

You know that in Russia everything is possible so there’s no reason to wonder why locusts invaded that place! A dashcam filmed the terrifying invasion and the video became viral pretty quickly!

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Alien Ship Found in Antartica

A Russian UFOs hunter claims he found an ancient alien ship in Antartica ,May 2017, and is determined to prove it! Will he?  Check it out.

Aliens, UFOs, alien spaceships, abductions, mystery, and secrets! Neither you believe nor you deny! Is there anything else beyond our simple existence or everything is invented in order to mass control the population? I guess we’ll find out at some point!

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