Amazing Elephants Working Together to Save Calf

An amazing video of adult elephants worked together to save a calf after it slipped into a pool! In Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea. The footage is incredible and the gentle giants did a great job! Check it out!
elephants working together to save calfElephants are amazing and their intelligence can be seen in every action they make. For example, this “saving moment” from Grand Park Zoo in Seoul impressed people so much that the footage became viral pretty fast!

calf slipping into pool saved by adults elephant

The baby elephant can be seen slipping into the water while the adults were staying next to the edge of the pool. The two adult elephants immediately spring into action to save the baby managing to get the situation under control.

elephants saving a baby elephant

The adults can be seen lifting the baby elephant and carrying him on the other side of the pool. The whole moment was filmed by a surveillance camera and the video raised more than 459,000 views. Check out the footage below!

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