Amazing Lifelike Animatronic Robot Baby

Amazing Lifelike Animatronic Robot Baby

If you were on the lookout for artificial intelligence, look no further, cause a new robot is in town and it’s the most lifelike robot yet! The animatronic robot baby mimics a newborn perfectly, it’s movements are very similar to those made by a real life baby.

There is also a tiny detail that creeps us out: the baby robot is fleshless!

Apart from that, this could be the ideal baby, no changing required. If you’re curious to know why this amazing robot was created, you’ll be surprised to find put that it wasn’t created for research and development… Chris Clarke designed this special effects robot baby for a British T Show, all this effort was made because a it’s not healthy for a real life premature baby to be under the lights in a TV studio for the countless filming hours. Wanna see how it moves? Have a look at the video.

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