Amazing: Orangutan Saves Duckling From Drowning

Amazing: Orangutan Saves Duckling From Drowning

This is truly an amazing moment, what began as a normal scene of visitors filming an orangutan at the zoo quickly turned into a horror scene then dramatically changed into a very touching moment. An orangutan saved an abandoned baby duckling from drowning by taking the poor thing out of the water and placing it safely onto the grass where he could dry up and get some air. The really amazing part is that with all of his gestures, the orangutan displayed extremely gentle touches of the duckling, protecting it. This is an extraordinary case of “Beauty And The Beast” a huge giant, taking care of a dwarf-like defenseless little baby. Nature is indeed surprising.

Take a look at the images below and observe the human-like behavior of the ape. It is generally known that orangutans are the being extremely intelligent.┬áCathy Smith, from the Orangutan Foundation explained that “They are very intelligent animals and can be very inquisitive.” she also said that she had never heard of something like this before.

Even tho, we don’t know whether the orangutan knew he would save the little duck, his actions are very impressive. He pushed the duckling in the water closer to his reach by means of a leaf, and then he gently pulled the little being out of the water and took it to the grass, in order to nurse it back to life. At this time, it is not know if the zoo keepers could save the duckling.

Below you can watch the videos of the orangutan saving the baby chick from drowning.

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