Amazing Picture Of Man Figure On Mars Surface

Amazing Picture Of Man Figure On Mars Surface

man on mars

Unbelievable! A new image which may prove that there’s life on Mars was found with the help of Google Earth. Although it’s not sure whether or not the image shows a simple optical illusion or a complex sculpture, but one thing’s for sure the image of a man on Mars will cause quite a stir amongst alien fans. Although it’s not the first stunning image from Mars, it’s the most explicit one we have yet, and it comes after the supposed gorilla from Mars picture that NASA released.

The amazing photo of a man figure on the Red Planet’s surface was discovered by a Forty-six year old Italian and the exact coordinates where you can see the strange appearance are Latitude 33°12’29.82″N, Longitude 12°55’51.21″W. The weird image shows a robust man with Asian features.

Other reports from Mars show snap-shots of what seems to be a silver-back gorilla, you can view the picture and judge for yourself whether life was really found on Mars, or we still have to wait some more till we get to see real life Martians.

gorilla from mars

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