Amazing See-Through Animals

Amazing See-Through Animals

Transparent Squid

Everyone is simply fascinated by transparency and it’s even more fascinating when seeing transparent animals, or shall we say seeing through animals. We’ve put together a collection of amazing transparent animals, from jellyfish to frogs we have them all, so fasten your seat belts and enjoy the scenery.

1. Transparent Jellyfish

Transparent Jellyfish 1

We’ve all probably stumbled upon a jellyfish at least once in our life on the beach. Well, here’s a really transparent one. Jellyfish are members of the phylum Cnidaria family and are found in every ocean’s water. Their transparency varies with species, some are almost impossible to tell apart from the adjacent enviroment.

2. See Through Frog

Weird See-Through frog

This odd looking fellow is found in Venezuela, and the weird thing about it is it’s belly skin. The Glass Frog belongs to the Centrolenidae family and its color is green lime… except for its abdomen which is translucent, exposing all of the internal organs.  Pretty cool!

3. Fish With Transparent Head

Weird See-Through fish

The amazing fish above has an amazing head, which allows us to see inside. The bizzare creature is known as a deep sea fish called Barreleye, or in more scientific terms, Macropinna microstoma. Its eyes are light-sensitive and can rotate within the fish’s head. If you think that the things you see above its mouth are the eyes, you’re terribly mistaking. Those are actually olfactory organs used for detecting smells. The real eyes are inside the head, covered by the bright green lens.

Weird See-Through fish 3

4. Transparent Butterfly

Transparent Butterfly

This lovely specimen is also known as the Glasswing Butterfly and can be found throughout Central America. It has amazing transparent wings.

5. Transparent Squid

Transparent Squid

The Glass Squid belongs to the Teuthowenia pellucida family and is known not only for its transparency, but also for the fact that it can transform itself into a ball.

6. Scientists created the translucent Zebrafish

Transparent Zebrafish

This crystal-clear fish was created in 2008 by a group of scientists which want to observe in real-tme the development and spread of cancer cells.

7. Transparent Icefish

Transparent Icefish

The crocodile icefish belongs to the Channichthyidae family and have transparent blood… yes you’re eyes are not deceiving you, this fish from the icy waters of Antarctica has no hemoglobin and the oxygen is transported to the organs simply by diluting itself in the blood.

8. Transparent Amphipod

Transparent Amphipod

This deep sea creature was found in the North Atlantic and was named Phronima and uses its transparency to just blend in and hide.

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