Amazing Things You Can Control With Your Mind

Amazing: You Can Control Robots With Your Mind

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to control objects with your mind? Well, now it’s possible, this amazing capability has been developed with the aid of Brain–computer interfaces, or as some like to call them, mind machines.
Practically, you can control objects as far as 100 kilometers away, and what’s even more amazing is that scientist have developed a new brain – muscle implant which allows paralyzed limbs to move. Sounds pretty incredible, right? Well let’s have a look and see these interesting inventions which may soon cure paralysis.

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By now you’ve probably heard about about some really innovating pieces of technologies, which are revolutionizing the research field of paralyzed patients. Scientists have invented virtual keyboards controlled simply by thought, or wheelchairs which are controlled by the user’s brain, and even neuro-prosthetic limbs… but all of these, as amazing as they may e have a major downside: they are all tiresome for the brain and do not allow it to multitask.

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Well, that downside is almost solved too! Professor José del R. Millán and his peers have come-up with a solution: they decided to engineer the controlling system in order to help it learn details about the person using it, hence going on some sort of automatic pilot and giving the user a chance to rest or do something else, while the thought controlled machine operates on its own.

bci telepresence robot 4

Typical brain-computer interface sets only allow their user to give three commands: right, left or no command. The new technology allows amazing human-robot interactions with the aid of image sensors and image-processing systems which are able avoid obstacles by shared control between man and robot.

Professor José’s new amazing invention will allow more precise tasks, like staying on a target, or even letting the user reminisce without the machine considering it as a command. Have a look at the video below to see more about this amazing technology that will allow us to control things with our brain.

Seems amazing? Well, what if we told you that scientists can now make a paralyzed hand move?

prosthetic arm

It’s true, a team of researchers from Northwestern University have invented a device which is said to deliver messages from the brain straight to the muscles, without using the spinal cord hence enabling a paralyzed hand to move.

The amazing result is given by a tiny implant, which is actually a multi-electrode array which detects the activity of approximately 100 neurons in the brain. The same array is also the interface between the brain and a computer used for deciphering the signals that generate hand movements. The experiments on monkeys have been very conclusive, but we still have a long way ahead till it’s used on humans.

And last but not least… The thought controlled wheelchair!

toyota mind meld wheelchair

This amazing invention is purely controlled just by thought. It consists of a sensor-laden electroencephalogram (EEG) helmet and with the aid of Blind Signal Separation (BSS) and Space-Time-Frequency filtering a system separates the user’s thoughts from his commands, hence moving the chair with amazing speed and accuracy.

Have a look at the video below and see for yourselves.

And for an amazing thought controlled robot, all you have to do is have a look here.

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