Amazing Video Of a Comet Hitting the Sun

Amazing Video Of a Comet Hitting the Sun

comet hits sun

If you’ve ever imagined what it would be like to see a huge celestial body, like the Sun get hit by something incomparably smaller… know that it actually happens regularly and NASA was able to catch such a spectacular event on tape. The moment recorded by specialists show the comet hitting the Sun, but what’s truly amazing is the Sun’s reaction to the impact… a great phenomenon, and we have it on tape. Take a look at the video of a comet hitting the Sun and see for yourself the wonders that go on in the Universe while we’re down here.

Even though NASA specialists say that we can’t see the actual impact, we can however, view the Sun’s reaction. The red circle in the video has the specific purpose to block the Corona so that the other elements an be seen.

Some have stated that the recent solar explosions that have affecting Earth are linked to phenomena such as this, but further investigation revealed that the solar explosions occur even if the Sun isn’t directly hit by another entity.

Enjoy the amazing video of  a comet hitting the Sun!

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