Amazing Video – Strange Cloud Over Moscow

Amazing Video – Strange Cloud Over Moscow

moscow halow cloud ufo picture

As if we didn’t have enough alien visits these past few months, a weird halo shaped and illuminated cloud was seen above the Russian capital city of Moscow. I’m sure we all know that every cloud has its silver lining, but when you have a look at this “mushroom”, you can’t help but say that some clouds are just weird. Local meteorologists have given pretty vague explanations leaving us to believe that this strange appearance could be anything from a strange poltergeist gateway, to industrial pollution or alien visits. The authorities stated that industrial emissions couldn’t possibly be at such high levels in order to produce the odd halo, so if we were to judge solely from what the Russian authorities had to state, we’d probably go about our business and leave this spectacular appearance be. But, for those who find conspiracies everywhere, this miraculous appearance which hovered above Western District in Moscow, looked just too much like the clouds in the “Independence Day” film, however as weird as this cloud may have looked, it’s disappearance was even weirder, it just vanquished into thin air… Watch the amazing video of this strange cloud hovering over Moscow and tell us what you think it may be.

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