Baby Walks Immediately After Leaving the Womb

Check out incredible images and video with a newborn baby who’s already walking right after leaving the womb! Instead of crying or cooing, this sweet little baby girl tried to be a grown up as she already started to walk!

Baby Walks after leaving the womb 537x700

An amazing video of a newborn baby walking was taken inside a delivery room last week at Santa Cruz Hospital in the Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil. Everybody inside the room has been amazed by the baby’s courage as the video was uploaded on the internet where it quickly raised hundreds of views.

Normally, babies start to walk on their own between the age of 8 and 12 months, so this little girl is surely special! In the footage below you can hear the nurses talking in Portuguese, saying that it’s amazing how the baby can stand on his feet: ‘I can just imagine how precocious she is going to be as she grows up.’ Check out the unbelievably cute video below!

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