Badly Parked Car Blocked By 40 Wheelie Bins

In China, a badly parked car was blocked by 40 wheelie bins by an angry street sweeper! The hilarious footage was uploaded on the internet raising hundreds of views pretty quickly!

angry street sweeper takes revenge on badly parked car

An angry street sweeper took his revenge on a driver who badly parked his car! Because the car was wrongly parked in the designated rubbish collecting area, the sweeper didn’t lose his chance to strategically place 40 large green bins in a square around the vehicle.

badly parked car surrounded by 40 trash bins

The rubbish collector was really pissed off by the offending way this driver parked his car so he took action! He said that he failed in getting in touch with the car’s owner, so he made an aggressive but funny gesture, surrounding the car with overflowing trash bins.

Here you have the full video with the sweeper’s funny revenge!

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