Chinese Man Got Incredible Huge Tumors Removed

Wu Qiang – Chinese Man With Huge Facial Tumors Recovering From Removal Surgery

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Wu Qiang the Chinese man who was suffering from incredibly huge facial tumors finally underwent surgery to have the amazing tumors removed. The poor man had been suffering due to the fact that the tumors impaired both his vision and his ability to breathe right.
Find out what he was suffering from and how the surgery went, right here.

Wu Qiang from China, is now 33 years old, but he feels like he was given a new lease on life after a team of doctors removed the giant tumors from his face. The man was born with just a small lump on his face, and no one paid any attention to that little bump until 2005 when it began to grow.

small hemangioma

What was once a little harmless birth mark became in just a few years a large collection of tumors that ruined Wu Qiang’s life. The tumors spread rapidly all over the man’s face, covering his eyes, almost leaving him blind, but also his airwaves, threatening his ability to breathe properly.

Wu Qiang huge facial tumors 3

This gruesome image is how the poor man looked before his life-saving surgery. After some meticulous tests, Qiang was diagnosed with a condition known in medical terms as hemangioma. The condition consists of initially small benign tumors which consist of blood vessels. The tumors make the blood vessels grow chaotically and spread in the surrounding tissues.

Wu Qiang huge facial tumors 2

Due to his severe condition and impaired vision, the man rarely left his home and was not able to work or provide for his family. All that changed when a team of doctors took on the task to perform a very risky surgery and remove all of the tumors from Wu Qiang’s face. The money required for the surgery costs was raised by the local community and donated for his own benefit.

Wu Qiang huge facial tumors

The recovery after the surgery was pretty slow, the doctor that operated on him, chief surgeon Zhou Fei declared that:

He now can feel vague lights, which is good for him. We’ll try our best to let him have a normal life.

How does the lucky patient feel after the surgery?

Mister Wu Qiang declared that as soon as he recovers after having his facial tumors removed, he wants to volunteer and help other people with severe medical conditions (talk about giving back to the community!). Luckily for him, the tumors that once made him a person with no face, are now gone, and he will be able to lead a normal life and provide for his family.

But What Is a Hemangioma?

hemangioma infant

A hemangioma is an abnormal development of blood vessels which can be found either on blood vessels or on internal organs. Generally, just 30% of hemangiomas are present at birth, while the rest develop in the first months of life. Luckily for most parents and patients, the hemangioma is generally self-involuting, and by the time the child is 10 years old, the small hemangioma lump is gone and probably forgotten.

Unfortunately, some cases have a really bad evolution, and turn into huge incredible tumors which may even threaten the life of whoever has such a hemangioma.


question mark

Doctors and researchers have yet to discover why this unusual growth occurs, but there are studies which indicate that estrogen plays quite an important role in hemangioma proliferation.

How do we treat Hemangiomas?


Although the vast majority of hemangiomas disappear on their own without leaving any marks, the small percentage of ones which grow and develop into huge tumors is usually treated with surgery. The major problem with the surgery is that is poses hemorrhage threats due to the rich vascularization of the tumor.

See some amazing cases of operated hemangiomas below:

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