Dog Saves Deer from Drowning

Amazing videos and photos of a dog saving a baby deer from drowning in waters off Long Island.

You can call it animal instinct but I say that this dog really felt the need to give a ‘paw’ of help for this baby deer! It is amazing how these creatures, filled with compassion, are capable of such heroic acts! Check out the whole story below!


Storm, an English golden retriever, became the ‘Dog of the Year’ after his heroic act became viral! A few weeks ago, Storm was out for a walk with owner Mark Freeley along the shore in Long Islands when the retriever saw a baby deer drowning.

golden retriever saved baby deer

 Mark saw Storm intentions to save the deer, so he pulled out his phone and captured the whole salvation process. In the footage, we can see Storm running towards the sea, swimming out to the deer, grabbing the baby by the neck, and getting back to the shore.

Mark was absolutely overwhelmed by the dog’s act so he uploaded the video on the internet. The incredible footage quickly raised hundreds of views and lots of good compliments for Storm. Check out the video below and feel Storm’s love and courage!

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