First Human With Different DNA

First Human With Different DNA


Alfie Clamp, a toddler originally from Warwickshire, somewhere in northern England  is the first person in the world born with an extra DNA strand. Alfie, has a seventh chromosome with an extra arm. Unfortunately, being the only person in the world who’s different from everybody else is quite difficult for this two-year-old, the boy suffers from more than one illnesses, including blindness at birth and his life expectancy is still unknown.

Alfie has such a rare condition, that even the doctors don’t  have a name for it, they can’t even say if this extremely rare condition will improve or diminish his life expectancy, but they still carry on tests to find some answers.

At the moment, Alfie can see, but he still has other disabilities: he can not absorb nutrients, a condition for which he will undergo surgery.

Even tho he’s unique, this sweet little two-year-old means the world to his family, and every “normal” thing he does, brings great joy to his relatives.

Having different DNA makes us wonder what Alfie is gonna do next, so rest assure that we’ll be on the look out for more info about him.

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