Giant Squid Caught on Tape Alive

Live Giant Squid Caught on Tape

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Amazing giant squids are real and we have a live one on tape! The mystery had been elusive for hundreds of years, until now, when a team of researchers practically stalked the deep seas to capture a few moments with this giant monster on tape. How big is it? Where was it filmed? Find out right here!

Right now, Jules Verne is probably saying “I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so!”… and he was right too! Giant squids are no longer subjects of fiction novels or films, but they are a fact! Surely, you’re probably thinking that remains from dead giant squids have surfaced for the past few years, but due to the extent of the decay, the sizes of the presumed gigantic squids could not be easily calculated. Well, all that is over now, cause we have a video of a live giant squid.

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The announcement of this huge discovery was made in January 2013 bu a team of researchers from Japan, who have been working with the Discovery Channel. After numerous ventures into the depths of the North Pacific Ocean, the humongous animal was filmed in it’s natural habitat at a depth of 2,066 feet and they were also able to keep up with the oceanic animal till a depth of 2,952 feet, where, the squid caught a case of camera jitters and swam even deeper into the ocean darkness (how deep do hose things go?!?)

Giant Squid Caught on Tape 2

How did it look?

When asked about the tremendous discovery, a marine biologist by the name of Edie Widder, who was a part of the expedition, declared that:

“It looked carved out of metal. And it would change from being silver to gold. It was just breathtaking. This squid has an eye that is bigger than your head”

The enormous mollusk has suckers lined with sharp “teeth” which are ready to catch the prey in an instant…

How big was it?

Upon visual examination, the squid was 9 feet tall. Now, we’re sure you’re probably saying, “Heeey, I expected something bigger!”, but wait, there’s a catch… The squid that was captured on tape and made all of its other friends pee green with envy, was missing it two longest tentacles, so if she had had them, the estimated length would’ve been 26 feet!!! (Now that is what I call a gigantic squid!)

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See more pictures of this gigantic squid and more giant squids of the deep seas on page 2:

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