Giant Squid Caught on Tape Alive

Giant Squid Caught on Tape 1

Giant Squid Caught on Tape 3

Giant Squid Caught on Tape 2

And now, ladies and gents, drum-rolls please… The highly anticipated video of the giant squid, right below:

Other cases of Giant Squids?

You ask and we provide! As previously mentioned, the existence of giant squids has been proven long ago, because these just keep on surfacing. The downside, is that they surface when they’re dead… so there’s not much for the scientists to go on, but still, we have gathered a collection of some of the most relevant giant squid appearances, and it’s right in the videos below:

Here’s a video of a giant squid being ate by a blue shark:

Here’s a huge and bizarre “alien” squid caught on tape by a remote-controlled submarine. The tentacles on that thing are freaking LONG! God forbid the scientists find a squid with thumbs, cause if they do, we’re all doomed…

Ready for another deep-sea creature that’s gonna make you say: “I ain’t ever going swimming in the ocean again!”? Check out this bizarre being of the mysterious depths.

The worst thing about these deep sea creatures is the fact that you can’t kill them with fire in case they attack…

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