“Half-man” Peng Shuilin The Amazing Story Of A Man With Only Half Of His Body

“Half-man” Peng Shuilin The Amazing Story Of A Man With Only Half Of His Body

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Peng Shuilin is the living example of an extraordinary will power and success through positive thinking. This extraordinary man from China is living with only half of his body after loosing his lower body in a terrible car accident. He’s story is a tragic one, but his fabulous determination to hang on to life helped him survive after a truck separated his body in half and his survival chances were less than 30%. Even though his life changed dramatically after the accident, this amazing “half man” surprised everyone with his determination to move on. He underwent countless surgeries in order to restore the functions of his vital organs, and now even though he’s only 70 centimeters tall, he is a successful businessman moving around with bionic legs.

After the accident back in 1995, he became a half man and that nickname gave him the idea of opening a store under the motto: “Half-man’s store, everything is half priced” that brought him a lot of success and he is now the proud owner of a chain of stores throughout China and he’s earned himself a well deserved spot in the list of China’s multimillionaires. Now that just goes to prove to us that believing in yourself and doing whatever it takes to follow your dreams is the only key to true success!

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