Horror Locust Invasion In Russia

Is it the end of the world, a plague… or just a swarm of locusts invading Russia? Check out photos and videos with the horror locust invasion in Russia that took place in July 2017.

You know that in Russia everything is possible so there’s no reason to wonder why locusts invaded that place! A dashcam filmed the terrifying invasion and the video became viral pretty quickly!

locust invasion in Russia Russia can be called the country of all possibilities starting from meteorites falling in Siberia to locusts invasions. In July, a driver was heading to  Tarumovsky District of the southwestern Russia’s Republic of Dagestan, when suddenly a swarm of locusts invaded the streets!

swarm of locust invading russia

On the first sight, it might look like a sand storm, but take a look closely and you’ll see thousand of locusts flying around! At least 112,000 hectares have been affected by the insatiable insects and the  Russian authorities have declared a state of emergency.

Check out the terrifying video below!


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