Huge 14 Pound Baby Born In Hungary 2012

Biggest baby in 2012! A Huge Baby Girl Born In Hungary Weighs 14 pounds

An amazingly huge bundle of joy was born in Hungary in the summer of 2012. The baby girl weighs 14 pounds and made headlines around the world with her impressive size. Surely, every child is a great reason of joy, but when the newborn is the size of a 5-month-old baby at birth, you can bet that the whole world will find out about it. Let’s check out the amazing story of a 14 pound newborn girl in Hungary.

Meet the newborn baby from the small town of Debrecen, Hungary who made headlines across the world due to the fact that despite being just a few days old, she’s the size of a normal 5 month old baby. The girl’s name is Zselyke Erdos, and she stunned the doctors with her arrival on August 8th, 2012. What’s even more amazing about her is the fact that there is no obvious cause for her unusual size.

The mom Tunde Erdos brought the baby into the world with the aid of a Cesarean section, but she did not have pregnancy diabetes, or any other factor that may have contributed to the little girl’s huge size.

Moreover, the girl’s brother, 8 year-old Nandor Erdos, had a perfectly normal size at birth. He does however welcome his baby sister into the family and wishes her all the best.

View some more pictures below of the huge 14 pound baby girl who was born in Hungary and set the national record for the biggest baby ever born in Hungary.

And here’s a video of the amazing biggest baby born in 2012:

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