Huge UFO Filmed Next To Mercury

Huge UFO Filmed Next To Mercury

cloaked ufo next to mercury 1

Well some of us may think we’re the only ones in this humongous universe, but day after day we keep gathering more and more evidence that extraterrestrial beings do exist and their intelligence is far superior to ours. For those of you out there who think that aliens have a soft spot for our planet, the video of a UFO flying close to Mercury’s surface will prove to you that, even though we are visited quite often, other planets in our solar system are also of interest to alien species. The video shows us a huge alien spaceship which was decloaked by Sun Flare while it was flying close to Mercury.

The big flying object’s cloaking device was probably altered by the Sun Flares and that’s why we are now able to see this amazing recording. Mercury has has a diameter of 4,879 kilometers, so this object is truly massive, around 2500 km in diameter. You can watch the video of the amazing UFO sighting right after seeing the pictures of a huge alien spaceship flying over the planet Mercury. So far, NASA has offered no explanation.

Huge UFO Filmed Next To Mercury

Huge UFO Filmed Next To Mercury 3

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