Latest Guinness World Records 2010

Latest Guinness World Records 2010

Some of the newest and interesting participants who entered the the Guinness Book of Records 2010.

Victor Gomez – a person who has 98% of the body is covered with dark hair

Pekingese named Puggy, with a tongue of 11.43 cm,longest in the world.
Sultan Kosen – tallest man in the world, its growth is 246.5 cm

Beer Barrel Saloon – famous for the longest bar in the world, whose length is 123.7 meters

David Adamovich threw for one minute around his partner, 102 knives.

Andrew gave a 3-minute nose inflated ball 23.

44-year-old Stephen Parkes from Nottingham, poses with part of her collection of gnomes, which has about 1,061 exhibits.

11 year old cow, whose growth was only 83 centimeters

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