More Amazing Real Ghost Pictures

More Amazing Real Ghost Pictures

baby ghost Queensland 1946

Ghosts… are they real or not? Throughout history numerous ghost photos have puzzled scientists but even though most were prove to be fake, some really spectacular ones still stand as proof that ghosts really do cling to this world, and sometimes, they even show up on camera. These days, it’s really easy to trick a photo, but with old pictures, it is a bit tricky to produce a fake. Here are some of the most fantastic pictures of ghosts, which have been proven to be real.

1. The Baby Ghost in Queensland, 1946.

The Baby Ghost in Queensland 1946.

This picture was taken in a cemetery in Australia by a mother who went to visit her teenage daughter’s grave. Everyone present at that time in the cemetery have clearly stated that at the time the picture was taken, there was no baby on the grave or on the premises. Pretty spooky…

2. The two faces on S.S. Watertown, 1924

two faces from S.S. Watertown 1924

These two dark and gloomy faces belong to a couple of crew members of the S.S. Watertown. They died suffocated while cleaning an oil tank and their bodies were thrown overboard. The crew members have declared that they repeatedly saw the dead men’s faces floating next to the ship until they reached the harour.

3. The ghost at Toys-R-Us, 1978

Toys R Us ghost 1978

This picture is a favorite amongst ghost story lovers because it was taken under the “strictest” conditions in front of a lot of witnesses. The photo was taken by a group of journalists after Toys-R-Us reported an overactive paranormal activity. No one present in the photo has seen the young man who’s leaning on the wall, and experts believe that the ghost is that of a man who died in 1869 in an accident in that building.

4. Dead Mother In Law sitting in the car, Chinnery, 1959

ghost in car

This is any husband’s nightmare… after taking his wife to the cemetery so she could visit the grave of her dead mother, the man waited patiently for his spouse in the car.
When she came back the woman took this amazing photo, without even knowing what she had caught on film. When the photo was developed, all of the family was in a state of shock to see the recently deceased old woman, sitting in the back seat, in the exact place she always sat. Experts say that this photo is not double exposed and therefore is probably real.

5.The spirit of Corroboree Rock, 1959

spirit of Corroboree Rock 1959

An Australian priest took this shocking photo that defies reason. Even if now, this photo could easily be a fake, in 1959, it was practically impossible to produce such a phony,hence this one is also real.

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