Amazing Real UFO Video In Sao Paolo, Brazil

Amazing Real UFO Video In Sao Paolo, Brazil


The picture above shows the most recent UFO sighting yet. On Sunday, July 24th, 2011 a large group of people saw the exact same unusual unidentified flying object. Not only is it strange that a large group of 30 people saw the exact same thing, generally, people spot UFOs when they’re alone, but it’s also strange that in the exact same place
64 years ago to the day another UFO was spotted on the sky and crashed near by. Eyewitnesses state that this surreal UFO had a static position, and it had strange small lights revolving a center blue light piece. Back in 1974, July 23rd when the first UFO in that area was documented, a group of workers heard a sharp noise and saw an unusual metal vessel falling to the ground. There was also a ring-like object around it making it similar to Saturn. Take a look at the video of this amazing UFO in Brazil, right here.

The video below shows the extraordinary UFO viewed by more than 30 people at the same time. It may look like a display of fireworks, but it is indeed a UFO. Brazilian air force report that no unusual activity showed up on their radars,and also, they did not have any air crafts in the air that night. Are we one step closer to third degree encounters, are we on the verge of breaking the silence and finally communicating with extraterrestrial beings? We don’t know, maybe the UFO if the video below holds more information. Have a look, and see for yourself the UFO that took the eyes of Sao Paolo Brazilians.

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