Real UFO Seen From An Airplane Watch The Amazing Video

Real UFO Seen From An Airplane Watch The Amazing Video

ufo from airplane

Lets say that you were on an flight to the destination of your dreams and you even got a window seat… so you start testing out your Canon 60D and guess what you capture on film? A real life UFO passing by the window. Sounds a bit like a movie script, right? Well to everyone’s surprise, this is a real story. On August 7th, 2011 a man caught on tape a real extraterrestrial spaceship flying by his window. The shiny, unidentified, flying object was floating at a speed far superior to that of the plane. Oddly enough, the UFO looks awfully similar to another one caught on tape, 3 years ago. Take a look at the video, and see a real UFO flying by an airplane. Are they amongst us?

ufo from airplane 1

ufo from airplane 2

ufo from airplane 3

Below you can see the amazing video of a UFO seen from an airplane.

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