Spillway in Lake Berryessa, California

Trippy, amazing video with a ‘Glory Hole’ Spillway formed in Lake Berryessa, Napa County, California. The view is breath-taking and I guess everyone who saw a spillway thinks (in an SF way) about where it leads?

glory hole spillway in California

A drone captured an amazing video with a ‘Glory Hole’ spillway formed in Lake Berryessa, California. It kinda’ looks like you are looking directly into the underworld’s abyss, but not to worry, it’s not a bad or evil hole! It is actually helpful and good for lake vicinity.

spillway glory hole california

Since January 2016, record rainfall scattered across California, the water level in the lake is the highest it’s been since January 2006 and is still growing. The ‘Glory Hole’ spillway is frequently used to provide the controlled release of water flows from a dam. The hole functions similar to a drain in a tub when the lake’s level rose, it overflows at the top of the pipe connecting to the river.

Here you have the amazing footage captured by the drone!

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