The Best Magic Tricks of David Blaine

David Blaine playing with money

Below you are gonna see David Blaine perform some amazing magic tricks with money, not just coins, bills too! Check them out: he can make coins flip on their own, and also he made the face on a one dollar bill change! See for yourself:

David Blaine – Dive of Death


For this amazing stunt, David Blaine hung upside down without a safety net for 60 hours above Central Park’s Wollman Rink… after which he made a courageous jump. Blaine risked blindness and other maladies in the stunt. See some footage below:

David Blaine Removes Girl’s Teeth

As shocking as this might seem to you, it’s true! David removed the teeth of a girl he had never met before, then spat them back in her mouth and she looked as if nothing had happened. See this amazing and astonishing magic trick below:

Not magic enough for you? See real zombies brought back from the dead through black magic in Indonesia.

David Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes!


Read more about this amazing, yet extremely dangerous stunt over here.

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