Top Amazing Stories About Rescue Animals

Amazing Stories About Rescue Animals

Rescue Animals

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A lot of people consider animals their friends and fellows; some prefer to treat them as a point of natural attraction and some use them as natural resources of food, fur or labor force. However, could you imagine that many mammals could be rescuers? There are many cases, when animals saved peoples’ lives or prevented a potential danger. Some of them cannot but amaze.

Roselle – The Rescue Dog

Michael Hingson roselle

Certainly, the most apparent rescuers are dogs, as they are the closest friends of humans among other species. Specifically, there are multiple records, featuring dogs’ saving their masters during fires, robberies or criminals’ attacks. But this one is far from conventional rescue story. Roselle was a guide dog of Michael Hingson, who happened to stuck in the World Trade Center on the infamous day of September 11th 2001. The Labrador retriever and its blind owner were on the seventh floor, when one of the attacking planes crashed into some upper floors. The dog managed to follow Michael down the stairs to the exit. Both lives were saved, as well as dogs’ golden deeds were highly appreciated and awarded later. In 2011 Rosselle received a title of American Hero Dog of the Year post-mortem. Clearly, this story cannot but touch human hearts on the background of sad events of that very day.

See Roselle in the video below:

Dolphins Save Surfer

surfer dolphins

No one can deny that encounters of humans with marine predators attract an attention, especially when the thing is about sharks – aggressive, cruel and gluttonous aquatic residents. Probably, the story of Todd Endris can testify on that. In fact, the surfer was attacked by a 15-feet shark in California’s Monterey Bay, while he was catching waves with his friends. For a while Todd struggled with the animal by heating it in the muzzle. When he was exhausted, dolphins came to Todd’s aid. They chained shark in a defensive circle giving Todd extra time to catch a wave and swim to shore. The surfer has not received any internal injuries, but a piece of skin was torn off on the back.

surfer shark bite

Kofi, The Trained Gambian Rat

Kofi a trained Gambian rat 2

Rats are disgusting creatures, but not if they are taking care of landmines. In very deed these rescue rodents are trained in British sanctuaries to detect landmines in Africa, left there since the times of World War II. Light weight of rodents allows them to step over mines without any fear of explosion. Several dozens of rats have been already taught to stay leashed and identify chemical materials. Kofi, a trained Gambian rat, is one of the most successful, as it was the first graduate from Cornwall animal sanctuary. Thanks to such programs hundreds African people could be rescued from mines’ threat of explosion.

Kofi trained Gambian rat 1

Mila, the Beluga Whale

Mila the Beluga whale

Regardless awareness of whales’ strength, these marine mammals are also capable of gentle feelings and noble actions. In 2009 Mila, the Beluga whale, saved a diver Yang Yun from drowning. The mammal saw how exhausted was the woman during a diving competition and pushed her out to the water surface. More precisely, participants of the contest in Polar land (China) should not use any breathing apparatus, and must remain in the water as long as possible. Apparently, such challenges pose more danger than marine wildlife, don’t they?

See Mila, the Beluga whale in the video below:

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