Weird Unidentified Flying Scorpion In Spain

Weird Unidentified Flying Scorpion In Spain

Flying scorpion spain

We all think that UFOs are round and have a regular shape… well, we have the pictures to contradict the classic “round-plate-shaped flying saucer”. On August 21st, 2011 a rare and extremely strange flying object was caught on camera in Los Cristianos, Spain. Not only is it odd that we’re constantly being visited by flying space ships, but it’s also extraordinary that this UFO was almost identical with a scorpion. Now what would a scorpion be doing flying on the sky? We do not have the answer to that question. Have a look at the pictures and see for yourself the scorpion-shaped space ship.

Jamie O’Rourke is the person who managed to take a few shots before the object disappeared from the skies of Spain. The high altitude of the object indicates that this could not be a flying kite, and the apparent lights we see in one of the pictures might be proof that this is indeed a space ship.

I just can’t wrap my head around it’s shape, why would a UFO be shaped like a scorpion, is it a battle ship or do they come in peace? More and more questions just puzzle us, but until we know for sure whether or not aliens exist, I guess it’s just up to our imagination to connect the dots. The pictures of the scorpion shaped UFO are available below.

Flying scorpion spain 1

Flying scorpion spain 2

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