Amazing Japanese Rice Field Art

Amazing Japanese Rice Field Art

Rice Field Art 8

If you’re a fan of crop circles, you might be tempted to think that extraterrestrial beings have had something to do with this fascinating display of art on fields, but to our surprise this form of artistry is actually precise hand-made, or shall we say, hand-planted rice field creativity. The rice fields in Japan have been populated with stunning designs, and guess what?…. They’re all natural, the different shapes and colors were obtained by mixing up several types of rice.

This lovely form of design first started back in 1993 in a small village 600 miles from Tokyo called Inakadate, over the years this form of agricultural crafting became more and more complex, culminating with representations of Mona Lisa, Napoleon Bonaparte riding a horse and they’re not over yet. The villagers take pride in their achievement, and this small community is visited by more than 200 000 people every summer.

These amazing murals are created by the locals by combining their green-leafed tsugaru species with both the yellow and purple-leafed rice from other zones.

Take a look and enjoy these amazing and creative designs, and if possible, put Inakadate on your “to visit” list.
206833Rice Field Mona Lisa
206833Rice Field Art 7
206833Rice Field Art 6
206833Rice Field Art 5
206833Rice Field Art 4
206833Rice Field Art 3
206833Rice Field Art 2
206833Rice Field Art

The image above  is actually Lil’ bee sending you hugs…

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