Amazing Kinetic Sculptures

Amazing Kinetic Art and Sculptures

kinetic car bmw 2

Kinetic art is really amazing as it combines both engineering and design, simple elements and materials with advanced technology all with the purpose of giving the viewer with delightful visual effects.
Let’s have a look at some of the most splendid kinetic sculptures in the world. Enjoy!

1. Kinetic sculpture at the BMW Museum

kinetic car bmw 1

This amazing sculpture is made out of 714 metal balls which move under the command of a combination of codes, electronics and mechanics. This kinetic sculpture needs a surface of six square meters in order to function properly. The 714 aluminum balls are individually controlled by a computer stepper-motor, and they are hung with very thin steel wires which have a diameter of under 0.2 millimeters. The movement cycle for this amazing kinetic sculpture includes abstract shapes, as well as some really well known BMW cars such as the 327, the 1500, the Z4, and the concept coupé Mille Miglia.

See more pictures of it below:

kinetic car bmw 8

kinetic car bmw 7

kinetic car bmw 6

kinetic car bmw 5

kinetic car bmw 4

kinetic car bmw 3

kinetic car bmw 2

kinetic car bmw 1

And in the video below you can watch the machinery in action. Isn’t it amazing?

2. Kinetic Sculptures by David C. Roy

Here is another series of amazing kinetic sculptures. These ones are designed by David C. Roy and most of them are made from springs and wood sculptures. Check them out:


Frolic is spring-driven and once you wind it up, it will keep moving peacefully for 9 hours.



Check out more of David’s work here.

3. Kinetic Sculptures by Theo Jansen

strandbeest and Theo Jansen

These amazing creations are called strandbeests by Theo Jansen. Their motion is triggered by the wind, and they move solely on wind power. The creations are creatures designed to move, and even survive on their own.




Watch the videos below to see how impressive these kinetic sculptures are:

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