Amazing Toothpick Sculptures

Amazing Toothpick Sculptures

Amazing Toothpicks Sculpture Rolling Through The Bay

Toothpicks… we all have them but some have the talent, ability and patience to do great things with them like huge 100 000 toothpick scale reproduction of the main attractions in San Francisco, or tinny miniaturist sculptures of extremely tall buildings. The art of making things out of toothpicks is vast and from that large variety of pictures, we made a stunning collection f the most impressive and amazing toothpick sculptures. Feast your eyes and enjoy.

255569Amazing Toothpicks Sculpture Rolling Through The Bay 4
255569Amazing Toothpicks Sculpture Rolling Through The Bay 3
255569Amazing Toothpicks Sculpture Rolling Through The Bay 2
255569Amazing Toothpicks Sculpture Rolling Through The Bay actual size

The fascinating pictures shown above represent a true masterpiece on which it’s creator, Scott Weaver, has been working on since 1974. Yes, it’s true this impressive roller-coaster which is actually an artistic representation of Weaver’s hometown, took more than 3000 hours to build. This moving ping pong roller coaster is made entirely out of toothpicks, more than 100 000 to be exact.

Got your curiosity stirred up? Well just take a look at this amazing toothpick sculpture in action in the video below.

Well we’ve seen what people can do out of one toothpick, now let’s check out what other individuals can do out of just one toothpick. In the collection below we have miniature representations of famous constructions from around the world.
503688miniature White House
503688miniature Golden Gate Bridge
503688miniature eifel tower
503688miniature Burj Khalifa
503688miniatureEmpire State Building

Well don’t these tinny little sculptures just make you wanna explore the wonders of creating art with toothpicks? Next time I buy a bunch, I’ll make sure to put my imagination up to a challenge.

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