World’s Thinnest House – Poland

The Thinnest House In The world In Warsaw, Poland

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Have a look at the world’s thinnest house! If you’re claustrophobic this is most definitely not the spot for you. Polish architect Jakub Szczesny designed this incredibly thin house which is open for business and awaiting tenants. If you wanna check it out, you have to either go to Warsaw, Poland to see it live, or check out the world’s thinnest house right here.

How thin is the world’s thinnest house? It measures just 47 inches wide at its widest point… Imagine that!

For the time being, renown Israeli writer Etgar Keret will live and write in this tiny living space, but in the future, the architect who designed the house declared that he will invite other intellectuals and artists to live in this tiny, yet creative environment.

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The home was designed to fit between a pre-World War II house and a modern apartment block. Well, to be quite honest, the house was actually squeeze into its spot, but hey, when you’re that thin, I guess you can fit into anything. So, you’re probably thinking that this is just a house built for show… that it can’t really be functional, but we’ll have you know that this is a fully functional house, which you could turn into a house, if you’re not claustrophobic.

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It may be just four feet wide (1.2 meters) but this tiny house comes equipped with a bathroom, a fully furnished kitchen and a bedroom. And since a house needs a person to turn it into a home, its first tenant, an Israeli writer has already checked in. You can see him in the picture below:


The house has a triangular shape, it is 33 feet (10 meters) deep at the base and stands 30 feet (9 meters) tall. The whole structure is held 3 meters above the ground by metal and aluminum pipes, and, in order to get to it, the visitors have to climb a metal staircase and squeeze through a hole to finally enter the building.

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The so called “ground floor” is home to a toilet and shower, a kitchen with a sink and cupboards, a table for two, and a bean bag sofa. In order to get to the second floor, you have to climb another metal ladder. The second floor has a nearly double-size bed, a table and a chair.

World's Thinnest House 3

The first tenant, is am Israeli writer whose ancestors died in Poland during the Holocaust. He will live there in homage to his family’s loss.

Have a look below to see some more pictures of the thinnest house in the world:

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World's Thinnest House 1

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And below you can watch some videos of this amazing structure:

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