Beached Whale Exploding

Watch a Shoking Video of a Beached Whale Exploding

Sperm whale explosion 1

A beached sperm whale exploded on the Faroe Islands. The dead animal had built-up gas due to the decomposition process and when the researches approached it to take samples, the whale’s belly exploded and its intestines were thrown in the air. See the video right here.

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Indian Baby Bursts Into Flames

Indian Baby Spontaneously Combusts


An Indian baby amazes the doctors as he spontaneously bursts into flames. While some doctors say he may be a victim of a paranormal phenomenon know as spontaneous combustion, others say that his condition is caused by the materials used in his home. What is the truth about the case? Let’s try and find out together.

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Shocking Video Of a Man Kissing a Shark

Shocking Shark Week – Man Kissing a Shark Video

Jeff Kurr kissing shark

During Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’, shark expert, Jeff Kurr, decided to kiss a shark. The whole event was captured in a shocking video, as well as a moment when someone was bitten by a bull shark. See the horrific video right here.

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Brazilian Man Has Surgery to Get The Face Of A Real Dog

Did A Brazilian Man Surgically Attach A Real Dog’s Face on Himself, or is it a Hoax?

brazilian dogman1

The shocking case of a Brazilian man who sew a dog’s face on his own, in an attempt to become the Dogman has recently caused a stir on the internet. The man allegedly had plastic surgery to sew the mouth, nose, ears, facial hair and other parts from a dead dog’s head onto his own face. Is it real, or is this shocking case a hoax? Find out right here.

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18 Year-Old Woman Fatally Bitten By Shark In Brazil 2013

Brazilian Woman Fatally Bitten By Shark Just Moments Before Being Saved From Drowning

Bruna Gobbi attaked by shark 1

The extremely horrific images and video show Bruna Gobbi, a drowning 18-year-old teenager, being fatally bitten by a bull-shark, only moments before being rescued by a team of lifeguards on a ski jet. The video of the attack is very graphic, and you can see it right here.

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Teen Girls Slam Into Building After Parasailing Accident

Shocking Video: Two Girls Slammed Into A Building And Crash After Parasailing

girls Parasailing slam into building 1

Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild, two 17 year-old girls from Indiana suffered shocking injuries after a parasailing accident. The girls slammed into a building before crashing to the ground, and it is a miracle they are still alive. The girls’ injuries are extremely severe, including neck and back trauma, open wound lacerations and head injuries… All this is the result of a stupid accident when their parasail became untethered from a boat. Find put more about the incident right here.

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Circus Worker Dancing On The Back Of A Drowning Elephant

Circus Worker Dances on The Back Of A Dying Elephant Without Helping Him

elephant drowning 4

While watching the shocking video of a circus worker dancing on the back of drowning elephant all we can say is that there is no limit to human cruelty and lack of compassion. In the video, you will be seeing Madi, a 48 year-old elephant attempting to save herself from drowning, while a circus worker jumps on her back, making her fall and stay in the water to drown, all for the amusement of the crowd. These images are not for the faint of heart.

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Baby Born With Long Tail In China 2013

Chinese Woman Gives Birth To A Baby With A 3 Inch Tail

Viewer Discretion Is advised

In 2013 a baby boy was born with a bizarre long tail hanging out of his lower back, and the weirdest thing is that it is still growing. As spooky and strange as that may sound, it is a real case and we’ve got the story right here. Have a look for yourself at the 2013 Chinese baby with a tail.

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Most Bizarre Teeth Modifications

Most Bizarre Teeth Modifications

Teeth chiseling

People do the most bizarre modifications to their teeth in the name of beauty and fashion. Some blacken their teeth while others brutally chisel them and give them odd shapes. Let’s see some of the most bizarre teeth modifications right here.

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Scientists Give Rats The Sixth Sense

Scientists Gave Rats The Sense To Feel Infrared Light


Scientists claim that they have discovered an amazing sixth sense. They gave rats the ability to sense infrared light, and they even say that this sense is close to telepathy. Thanks to the innovative research, the lab rats in the experiment can now supposedly sense light without the sense of sight. Wanna find out more about this amazing break-through, check out the details right here.

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