Amazing Things in Zero Gravity

Things in zero gravity are cool ,so i make this post with some of of the coolest things in zero gravity,because only a few experinced the zero gravity .zero gravity is fun,just imagine how many things you can do 😀 ,things that in full gravity are just impossible

zero gravity

The first one is Drinking water in zero gravity

Drinking water in the space with low gravity, from NASA videos

Next we have some fun in space .I mean it,that really sounds like fun

If  you ever wonder how can you Washing Hair in Zero Gravity,here is the answer

How about sports zero gravity ?! well, someone already did that ! look the  First Skater in Zero Gravity

Some little fun with the Water balloon’s in zero gravity

And this crazy couple -Couple Married in First-Ever Weightless Wedding
A New York City couple made history by becoming the first bride and groom married in zero gravity.

Ever heard of Zero Gravity Classroom ? here it is
When we see astronauts walking in space, a lot of us wish we could do the same.
Sharyl Attkisson got a chance to join a group of science teachers to check out zero gravity and its benefits.

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