Amazing Typewriter Art… Drawings

Amazing Typewriter Art… Drawings

keira rathbone typewriter obama

Typewriters… we all know they were used long before anyone knew what a keyboard was for nothing else than writing. Well… think again, typewriters are used by some to draw amazing tings such as portraits, or landscapes or abstract drawings. It’s true, Keira Rathbone for example, is well known for her typewriter art. She even made portrait of President Obama which was featured by Times Magazine. The amazing details she’s able to accomplish by only using the typewriter, the British artist spends in average over 90 hours per drawing. Keira also draws with the regular pencil but she confesses that her way of creating art is the typewriter. Take a look at these awesome works of art made by the aid of the simple writing machine.

76206keira rathbone typewriter art 5
76206keira rathbone typewriter art 4

76206keira rathbone typewriter art 3
76206keira rathbone typewriter art 2
76206keira rathbone typewriter art 1
76206keira rathbone typewriter nicole kidman

Below you can watch the artist, Keira Rathbone at work on her typewriter.

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