AVX TX 4×4 Vehicle Can Be Changed To Helicopter

AVX TX 4×4 Vehicle Can Be Changed To Helicopter !

Amazing ! That’s what i said when i first seen it .it’s great. i really could use one like that 😀

More and more it seems that the SF movies are not fiction anymore..this will be real

100716 flycar1

An army 4×4 which can change into a helicopter in less than a minute and is capable of flying for 250 miles could soon be used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The AVX TX has been offered as the futuristic solution to problems faced by the US Army, which asked designers to come up with a vehicle which could fly into location and then proceed on ground.

100716 flycar2

A spokesperson for AVX Aircraft said: “The ability of AVX Aircraft to respond to this proposal demonstrates the versatility of the AVX configuration.

“The design is very adaptable and can be configured for many different size and types of vehicles.

“The efficiency of the AVX design provides flexibility and performance to support both ground and aerial movement required for the TX design.”

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