Awesome Anti-Earthquake Levitating House

Japanese Invent Awesome Airbags For Houses To Limit Earthquake Damage!

airbag japanese house

Earthquakes are one of the most terrifying natural disasters, but luckily, the Japanese have invented an ingenious airbag system for houses which will ensure minimal damage to one’s home in case of an earthquake. The system allows the house to levitate throughout the cataclysm, hence protecting it and its members from the damaging vibrations of the earth surface.
This amazing system was created by Air Danshin System Inc. and not only is it effective, but it’s also very low maintenance! How soon can we get it you ask?

After dealing with the fact that building a house on a giant airbag seems like a pretty simple idea, which makes you say “how come I didn’t think of it?”, you should know that you’re not really gonna see your house on a big white balloon. The house only needs to be elevated with just over an inch, which is enough to isolate the structure from the destructive vibrations.

airbag japanese house

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But how does it work?

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Easy! The system has a detector which is automatically auto triggered when seismic activity is detected. A tank of air is fully prepared to quickly evacuate compressed air in to the home and the layer of artificial foundation causing it to inflate for 3 cm and hover over the damaging shakes. When the seismic activity is over, the foundation “deflates” and within a few minutes, everything is back to normal, with minimal damage.

airbag japan house

This amazing system is already installed in a total of 88 houses in Japan since last summer, and Air Danshin System Inc. intend to expand the number very soon.

If you’re curious to see how it works, have a look at the demonstrative videos below, it’s really amazing to see that such a simple idea, can save so many lives!

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